A History of Rock Music

Author(s): Stephen K Valdez

Edition: 6

Copyright: 2021

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Stephen Valdez’ A History of Rock Music, an online interactive course, encourages the reader to listen intelligently and selectively to the music with which most of us are familiar, yet about which we are curiously uninformed.

A History of Rock Music studies the music itself and examines how this music has developed over the years. Through this study, it will become apparent that the roots of rock ‘n’ roll are still running through the music that is produced today. Packaged with the online course, is a four month subscription to an online music library with access to over 6 million music selections.

A History of Rock Music:

  • Includes discussion of the personalities who were influential in the development of rock music
  • Examines and explains the social conditions that gave rise not only to rock music, but also to the forerunners of rock – the blues, country & western, and rhythm & blues.
  • Is specifically designed for short courses (one semester or two quarters) in rock history.
  • Includes 12 active listening assignments, a discussion board, glossary, and a large selection of musician biographies.


Part I: Fundamentals

Chapter 1 – Elements of Music

Part 2: Pre-Rock Resources

Chapter 2 – The Blues

Chapter 3 – Country and Western Influences

Chapter 4 – Rhythm and Blues

Part 3: Rock ‘n’ Roll Styles

Chapter 5 – Bill Haley and His Comets

Chapter 6 -  New Orleans Rock ‘n’ Roll

Chapter 7 – Memphis Country Rock

Chapter 8 – Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll

Chapter 9 – Buddy Holly

Chapter 10 – Vocal Group Rock ‘n’ Roll

Part 4: Rock Styles

Chapter 11 – Surf Rock

Chapter 12: Soul

Chapter 13: Folk and Related Styles

Chapter 14: The British Beat Groups (Part 1)

Chapter 15: The British Beat Groups (Part 2)

Chapter 16: Singers/Songwriters

Chapter 17: Psychedelic Rock

Chapter 18: Jimi Hendrix

Chapter 19: Heavy Metal

Chapter 20: Fusions

Chapter 21: Punk Rock/Alternative

Stephen K Valdez

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ISBN 9781792425783

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