HIV/AIDS Through an Anthropological Lens

Author(s): Tiantian Zheng, Jack Wortman

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2011

Pages: 206


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HIV/AIDS Through an Anthropological Lens focuses on the global pandemic that has a profound impact on the world we are living in today. In many parts of the world, the infection has severely eroded the political, economic, and social fabric. This book provides an answer to how we can better understand the issue of HIV/AIDS in order to curb its transmission. It shows that it is not merely a medical problem, but is also a complex social, political, and economic problem that crystallizes class distinction, gender inequality, power hierarchy, and cultural beliefs.

HIV/AIDS Through an Anthropological Lens discusses different approaches to HIV/AIDS, from the perspective of epidemiology, culture, and political economy, to culture and political economy. The goal is to give young people a sense of empowerment through helping them to understand the political, social, and economic forces that have shaped their consciousness and their behavior.


  • Chapter summaries
  • Discussion questions
  • Eight case studies
  • Chapter review questions


CHAPTER 1 Epidemiology
HIV I AIDS Compared with Historic Epidemics
How Does HIV Spread?
Sexual Transmission of HIV I AIDS Among Homosexuals
Heterosexual Transmission
Intravenous Drug Users
Blood Transfusions and Organ Transplants
Transmission from Mother to Child
How Has HIV | AIDS Spread Around the World?
Why Has the Disease Spread So Rapidly?
Hopeful Developments
Good News for Treatment

CHAPTER 2 Cultural Construction of HIV I AIDS
Cultural Meaning of HIV | AIDS
Cultural Reaction to HIV | AIDS
Cultural Understanding of HIV I AIDS
United States
Cultural Factors of HIV I AIDS Transmission
Sexual Cultures
Sexual Practices
Trust and Unprotected Sex
Pursuit of Sexual Pleasure
Migration and Unsafe Sex
Sex Education in the United States
Assessment of Sex Education Program
Critique of Epidemiology
Role of Media and Media Construction of HIV | AIDS
Role of Media: Information or Education?
Role of Mass Media and AIDS in the United States
Historical Development of Mass Media and Aids in the United States
First Phase: Fear and Ignorance
Second Phase: Accurate Information
Third Phase: Declined Interest
Critique of Media
Alternative Media about HIV I AIDS

CHAPTER 3 Political Economy
The Beginning of AIDS in America
The Rise of the Religious Right
The Bath Houses
Politics, Economics, and Science
Science and Politics
Reagan Comes on Board
AIDS among New Minorities
The Inner City
AIDS in the African-American Community
Merrill Singer and Political Economy
Recent Political Developments
Political Economy and the Rest of the World

Colonial History
Gender Inequality
Health Care System
The Government and Prevention
Government Inertia
Drug Users and Sex Workers
Drug Trafficking
Ethnic Inequality
Exemplary Countries
HIV I AIDS in China
Modes of Transmission
Government Inertia
Illegal Blood Trade and Government Suppression in China
The Government and Six Risky Groups
The Government and Prevention
Post-2003 Government
Health Care System
Migration and Prostitution
Fear and Discrimination

CHAPTER 5 AIDS in Africa
HIV I AIDS Spreads into East Africa
AIDS in Southern Africa
West Africa
The Role of Outside Forces
The Role of Anti-viral Drugs
The Role of Governments

CHAPTER 6 HIV I AIDS and Commercial Sex
Feminists' Standpoints on Sex and Commercial Sex
Political Policies and Prostitution
Prohibitionist Policy
Abolitionist Policy
Regulatory System
Decriminalization .
State Policy and HIV | AIDS Prevention
Case Study of Registration System: Urban Senegal
Cultural Background
AIDS and Sexual Relationships
Reconciling Profession with Religion
Political Economy of AIDS: Registration System, Poverty, and Stigmatization
Political Economy of AIDS: Power Dynamics between Clinic Staff and Registered Prostitutes
Case Study of Sex Work and HIV I AIDS in Asia
Political Economy: Economic and Social Inequality
Urbanization and Consumer Culture
From Direct to Indirect Prostitution
International and Domestic Market
Power Dynamics between Sex Workers and Clients
Condom Use and Clients
Condom Use and Female Sex Workers

CHAPTER 7 HIV I AIDS, Ethnicity, Women, and Young Adults
HIV | AIDS and Women: Statistics
HIV | AIDS and Women: Biological Factors
HIV | AIDS and Women: Social Factors
Blame on Immoral Women
Immoral Women and Foreign Men in China
HIV | AIDS and Women: Factors of Culture and Political Economy
Gender Norms and Impact on Sexuality
Cultural Norms and Sexual Practices
Ethnicity and Women: Factors of Culture and Political Economy
Ethnicity and Women: Religious Factors
Ethnicity and Women: Sociopsychological Factors
Poverty and Lack of Education
HIV I AIDS and Young People
Factors of Culture and Political Economy
Cultural Factors
Factors of Political Economy: Lack of Health Education and Service

CHAPTER 8 Intravenous Drug Users and Prevention
The Basics of Intravenous Drug Use and AIDS
The Other Risk Factor from Intravenous Drug Use
Abstinence Only versus Condoms

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Tiantian Zheng

Jack Wortman

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