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Homeland Security and Terrorism: Threat, Incident and Aftermath

Author(s): Jibey Asthappan

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2017

Pages: 124


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What skills are needed to manage the risk of terrorism? From responders to policy makers – what does the real world need?

Homeland Security & Terrorism: Threat, Incident & Aftermath is written from a perspective in which terrorism prevention plans can be best understood. It reviews Chemical, Biological, Nuclear, and active shooter threats from a practical perspective. Students will learn about each threat and gain an understanding of how to mitigate it.

Homeland Security & Terrorism:

  • teaches students how critical thinking and problem solving is the keystone to counter-terrorism.
  • offers a historical and theoretical foundation that assists students in understanding the underlying motivations for terrorism.
  • highlights counter-terrorism strategies.
  • gives students the ability to identify, organize and mitigate risk after an incident has occurred.
  • features table-top exercises used to emulate what practitioners do in the real world to prepare for a terrorist event.

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Terrorism

Chapter 2 – Definition of Terrorism

Chapter 3 – Early History of Terrorism

Chapter 4 – Role of Law Enforcement and Intelligence in Combating Terrorism

Chapter 5 – The Roles of the Media

Chapter 6 – Tabletop Exercises

Chapter 7 – Tabletop Exercises – Biological and Chemical

Chapter 8 – Tabletop Exercises – Explosive

Chapter 9 – Tabletop Exercises – Nuclear and Radiologica

Jibey Asthappan

Dr. Asthappan began his career in 1999 as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician for the U.S. Air Force. Following the 9/11 attacks, he was deployed with some of the first troops in Operation Enduring Freedom. He served as a bomb technician to protect civilians and military targets from improvised explosive devices (IEDs) as well as chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons.

Dr. Asthappan has conducted extensive research on counterterrorism and crisis management. While obtaining a PhD in Justice, Law, and Society from American University, Dr. Asthappan completed a study that would later be published as a book: Stealing Their Thunder: The Effectiveness of Military Force in Deterring Terrorism. Currently, Dr. Asthappan teaches courses on homeland security, criminal justice, terrorism, criminology, cybercrime, and network security at the University of New Haven.

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ISBN 9781524922467

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