Human Nutrition: Navigating through the Maze

Author(s): Rhonda M Lane

Edition: 4

Copyright: 2022

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Human Nutrition: Navigating Through the Maze was developed to help adult students learn about nutrition and to stimulate the student’s own critical thinking skills so that they can incorporate the basic nutritional concepts they learn into their daily lives to maintain a healthy body. Some of the topics covered in the workbook are the following: overview of your body’s nutrients, tools for eating health, your metabolism, your body’s digestion, absorption, and transport for carbohydrates, fats and other lipids, proteins, water and fat soluble vitamins, and major and minor minerals. Human Nutrition contains application exercises such as case studies with discussion questions, crossword puzzles, small and large classroom group exercises, food journals, and personal diet analysis assignments.


CHAPTER  1 An Overview of My Body’s Nutrients

CHAPTER  2 My Tools for Eating Healthy 

CHAPTER  3 My Body’s Digestion, Absorption, and Transport

CHAPTER  4 My Carbohydrates: Simple Sugars and Complex Starches, and Fiber

CHAPTER  5 My Fats and Other Lipids

CHAPTER  6 My Proteins

CHAPTER  7 My Metabolism

CHAPTER  8 My Water and Fat Soluble Vitamins

CHAPTER  9 My Water; Major and Minor Minerals

CHAPTER 10 My Assignments/Projects

Rhonda M Lane

Rhonda Lane received her Bachelor of Science at Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma and her Master of Science in Nutrition from Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas.  She is board certified as a Specialist in Nutrition from the American College of Nutrition and a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She also has served in the Texas Action for Health Kids Steering Committee, Partnership for a Healthy Texas Steering Committee, Live Smart Texas Coalition, and was a Stakeholder member for SB 395 Early Childhood Nutrition and Physical Activity Council. She has been active in the area of adult and child nutrition for over 25 years.

Rhonda currently is an Adjunct Professor of Nutrition at Austin Community College where she has taught for the past 25 years. She also is a Nutrition Consultant and has 23 years of government experience working at the Texas Department of Agriculture, Texas Health and Human Services Commission, and the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Rhonda has published Human Nutrition: Navigating through the Maze 3rd edition textbook/workbook. She has published thirteen nutrition articles. She has been a recipient of numerous awards, such as: “Outstanding Young Woman of America”, “Texas Volunteer Service”, “American Heart Association Heart “Star”, and “Texas Department of Health’s Moment of Truth Award”.  She has served and presented at the Oxford University Round Table in England on the topics, “Health and Nutrition” (2006), “Obesity: The Affluent Society and the Quest for Treatment” (2008), and “Social Justice: Poverty, Food and Race” in 2009.  Rhonda’s public speaking experience has been extensive in the area of Obesity and Chronic Diseases. 

Rhonda was a consultant with Work/Family Directions, Inc. (WFD), on behalf of International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) and reviewed and provided input on a nutrition guide for IBM parents in India; reviewed and provided input on the children’s nutrition component of the Your Kids ‘R Our Kids (YKROK) child care center program in India; assisted in the implementation of the “A Blueprint for a Healthy Start: Obesity Prevention in Early Childhood.

Rhonda developed for Texas A&M University, content for two child care provider online courses: 1) Healthy Eaters: Infant/Toddler Nutrition. She also developed for Texas Association of Local Health Officials (Independent Local Health Departments in Texas) early childhood curriculum for child care center teachers with a component on hydroponics.

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