A Humanities Reader: How Culture Influences the Arts

Author(s): Thomas C Carroll

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2017

Pages: 193

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The humanist, in essence, is not just a literary critic nor a pure historian of ideas but a combination of, at least, both.

A Humanities Reader: How Culture Influences the Arts is designed to introduce the student to those cultural ideas that will enable a rewarding understanding of the influence running between art and culture. This text places an emphasis on great works of lasting literary importance within the historical sweep of Western traditions. It provides a far-reaching analysis of the cultural roots and assumptions each epoch assumes the reader of their literature to be conversant with.

A Humanities Reader:

  • provides major perspective upon topics most needed to appreciate the literature to be examined.
  • invites an idea traveler to journey to a strange land and come to know his own for the first time.
  • allows students to track one body of ideas through the text in the manner of the humanist.


1. The Classical World of Greece

2. Hints to Analyze Bacchae

3. The Bacchae

4. The Bacchae


1. The Medieval World View

2. Hints to Analyze the Rule of Saint Benedict

3. The Rule of St. Benedict


1. The Cultural World of the Renaissance

2. Hints to Analyze Rabelais’ Abbey of Theleme

3. Gargantua and Pantagruel: The Abbey of Thélème


1. The Modern Period in Three Authors

2. Hints to Analyze the Modern Era

3. Citations from Ivan Turgenev, “Fathers and Sons”, D.H. Lawrence, “Women in Love”, J.P. Satre, “The Age of Reason”

4. Socrates to Sartre

5. Self-Deception

Thomas C Carroll

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ISBN 9781524922566

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