Inclusion: Creating the Mindset, Building the Framework

Author(s): Alana McFall

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2018

Pages: 128


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Inclusion: Creating The Mindset, Building The Framework is an engaging resource designed to help future educators to create a deep personal connection with the concept of inclusion.

There are plenty of fine textbooks available on the market today that give definitions, acronyms and comprehensive descriptions of specific disabilities along with suggestions for inclusive practices within the classroom. This title is not a duplicate or substitute for those.

Instead, Inclusion: Creating The Mindset, Building The Framework is a companion text designed to help students on their emotional journey towards being an inclusive teacher. In that light, this book is written in a deliberate and conscious way to provoke feelings in the reader and to help the reader to proses and move through those feelings on their journey towards greater understanding.

Facts don't change behavior, emotions do. It is the author’s intention to connect with emotion in order to facilitate the creation of a truly inclusive learning experience for all. On this emotional journey the future teacher will be supported in building strength and resilience which she will need in order to be the very best teacher she can be.

Growth is not a comfortable process. We need only look at the Chesapeake Bay blue crab for an example of this. The crab is a vulnerable creature with a soft mushy body living in a hard shell of its own creation. As the crab grows, its shell becomes tight and uncomfortable. It will die if it does not risk ultimate vulnerability by backing out of its safe and protective shell in order to create a new and bigger one to protect its bigger body. This is not a comfortable process, but it is a necessary one just like personal growth is. Fortunately, this book’s author uses humor, personal narrative, and two decades of teaching experience to help readers connect with and face their fears, prejudices and inaccurate belief systems surrounding inclusion to grow, learn and develop as individuals and teachers.

There is no other book on the market today that so beautifully captures and teaches the “Why” of inclusion.  Without fully understanding and embracing the “Why”, the “How” is unachievable.


Chapter 1: Trigger Warning
Chapter 2: Setting the Stage
Chapter 3: Disability-Not a Dirty Word
Chapter 4: Shattering the Illusion
Chapter 5: People First
Chapter 6: Presuming Competence
Chapter 7: Facing Fear
Chapter 8: Key Ingredients
Chapter 9: Planning for Inclusion

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Alana McFall

Alana McFall is a special educator with over two decades of experience working with students of all ages from Pre-K through adult learners. Alana’s passion is inclusive education for all learners. For nearly a decade Alana has worked as a lecturer at Towson university teaching pre-service elementary teachers how to include all students, no matter the disability or exceptionality, in their circle of learning. Alana’s experience as a person with a disability and mother to two children with significant and very different disabilities is the driving force behind this passion.  

Alana believes that in order for teachers to be good at creating meaningful inclusive environments in their classroom they need to understand why it is so important and they need to make an emotional connection to the topic. This belief has helped inform Alana’s unique, experiential teaching style.

Inclusion: Creating The Mindset, Building The Framework is Alana’s first book. It written in a way that captures Alana’s classroom teaching style. By using personal narrative, humor and guided experiences Alana hopes to bring her message and the powerful way in which it is taught to a wider audience then just the hundred or so students she is able to teach directly each year.

Alana lives in Baltimore Maryland with her partner, Jeremiah, daughters Rosalee and Darcy one very big and one very little dog and a prickly hedgehog named Luna.

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ISBN 9781524964498

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