Insights: A Laboratory Manual for Physical Geology

Author(s): Clair Ossian

Edition: 5

Copyright: 2015

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Insights: A Laboratory Manual for Physical Geology presents a broad, general approach to core curriculum geology topics in physical geology. Insights is beneficial for geology majors and non-majors as a powerful tool covering basic geology. A significant advantage of Insights is its tight focus on essentials of Physical Geology education. It isn't padded with filler material. Purchasing Insights allows students to study core topics in Physical Geology, without buying manuals filled with subject modules most Geology educators can't squeeze into a one-semester course. This content management will provide significant price savings to your students.

Insights provides essential tools needed for Geology Major students as they move to the next level of geological training. The geological educator can use the materials in the manual at several levels. There is more than enough here to satisfy the most demanding students.

Each subject below contains tools, hints and clear writing, enabling students to master the topics. Whenever possible, students learn to master a topic using well-designed keys and lucid explanations. Approaches in Insights not only teach students to recognize Earth materials, but shows students how to use the scientific method, and not only memorize a rock or mineral's general appearance.

Exercises, activities, full-color photos, topographic maps and the varied resources in Insights will give students a good understanding of:

  • Identifying rocks and minerals.
  • Maps and mapping.
  • Pace and compass mapping.
  • Geological lessons from maps.

For students just needing to fulfill their science course requirements, Insights is lively, replete with engaging exercises and the illustrations will serve to hold their attention better than any other similar book on today’s market.

Understanding these processes is essential if students are to know how planetary materials relate to our complex and ever-changing Earth.


See companion text, Insights: A Laboratory Manual for Historical Geology, now available separately to give more flexibility in organizing course content. 

The combined texts, Insights; A Laboratory Manual for Physical and Historical Geology, is also available for those wishing to purchase both titles as one unit.

CHAPTER 1 Minerals

CHAPTER 2 Igneous Rocks

CHAPTER 3 Sedimentary Rock Identification

CHAPTER 4 Metamorphic Rock Identification

CHAPTER 5 Introduction to Maps and Mapping

CHAPTER 6 Topographic Maps

CHAPTER 7 The Beginnings. Continental Drift and the Discovery of Plate Tectonics

CHAPTER 8 The Mechanisms of Plate Tectonics

CHAPTER 9 Pace and Compass Mapping: Finding Your Way with Map and Compass

CHAPTER 10 Geology Lessons Learned from Maps




Clair Ossian

Clair Russell Ossian is an Emeritus Professor of Geology at Tarrant County College, Hurst, Texas where he was awarded Distinguished Faculty Member in 2011. His career includes nearly twenty years in geological research as a paleontologist and sedimentologist, experiencing many challenges world wide while working in the petroleum industry, retiring as Principal Research Geologist from ARCO Oil and Gas Co. Field research during that time involved projects in diverse settings, including Alaska, Canada, China, Indonesia, Norway, Africa and numerous projects within the rest of the United States.

Before, during and after that phase of his career, he has continued to teach Physical Geology, Historical Geology, Environmental Geology and Field Courses. Dr. Ossian holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from the University of Nebraska (Lincoln), a Master of Science degree from Michigan State University, and a Doctor of Philosophy from The University of Texas (Austin). Both graduate degrees are in geology and paleontology.

Professor Ossian has published numerous papers on sedimentology, vertebrate paleontology, invertebrate paleontology and his current research is centered on the geology of Egypt. His most recent research involved providing geological support for an archaeological excavation in the Egyptian delta.

He is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Society of Sigma XI, the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE), the Egyptian Exploration Society and is a Certified Geologist with the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

A long time resident of north Texas, he and his wife have raised two children, a son and a daughter. They currently share their home with a pair of Chinese chowchow dogs. Hobbies include gardening, raising Japanese koi fish, growing water lilies, carpentry, photography and writing. Travel continues to be a great pleasure for them, proving many opportunities for new experiences . . . and new geological insights.

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ISBN 9781465270931

Details Print Product Only (SA,CP, Pak, all Print)