Insights for School Art and Imagination

Author(s): Karen Goldman

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2021

Pages: 106

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The words in this book bear the fingerprints of the thousands of students, hundreds of colleagues, as well as the significant people in the author’s life. Written from decades of experience in the classroom, this is a practical guide to developing insights and imagination in an art classroom. It contains stories from the classroom and uses illustrations to clarify concepts. A practical guide to art activities is also contained to give a practical guide for the classroom.

It guides new educators into self-discovery while leading the development of art as a language. The role and development of imagination is explored using three insights. Empowering perceptions is a goal for both the reader and their future students through the use of the Application Activities to reinforce the principles that are discussed.

Table of Figures

CHAPTER 1 Why Teach Art?


Application Interview Guide

Application Multicultural Timeline

What Is Your Vision?

Stories of Four Students

Application Vision Casting?

Chapter 2 How Is Art a Language?

What Are the Elements of Art and Principles of Design?

Application Elements and Principles Handout

Ideas for Elements of Art

Ideas for Principles of Design

Application Elements Worksheets

Application Principles

Chapter 3 Is Imagination Teachable?

Debating Imagination

Parameter of Imagination

Web of Betweeness Theory

Three Insights of Imagination

Apply Insights to Imagination

Application 3 Insights

Chapter 4 Empowering Perceptions in Art

Application Empowering Perceptions

Chapter 5 Using Assessments and Rubrics


How Does the Brain Learn

Formative Assessment

Summative Assessment

Application Pre-Assessment Art Exercises

Application Formative Assessment

Chapter 6 What Can Social Skills and Visual Arts Teach?

Social Skills and Social Learning

Visual Arts Education and Social Skills

Chapter 7 How Can You Teach Art Practically?

Application Guides

Application Problem Based Learning

Application Flipping for Common Core

Karen Goldman

Professionally, I work as an educator and artist.  While teaching graduate education classes at the University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg, Kentucky, I also direct and mentor the teachers in the MAED Teacher Leader Program.  This program grew exponentially to become one of the largest in the state of Kentucky. Another area of teaching is Art Education so I specialize in two passions, Leadership and Art.  My Ph.D. in Education focused on Cultural Studies, an interdisciplinary field exploring the role of social institutions in shaping culture. To receive my Ph.D. I developed The Web of Betweeness, a theory that explores the concept of power emitted through creative and imaginative thought. This new theory added to the many theories of aesthetics.

Currently, I serve on Kentucky governor’s Diversity Coalition on Education and have art work on display at the national headquarters for NAEA. Recently, I served as a National Reviewer for Coalition for Core Arts Standards (NCCAS) and for the National Association of Art Education (NAEA). I have developed and administered education programs from Eastern Tennessee into the Cumberland Plateau of Appalachia to reach a variety of learners with special needs, low SES, and the artistically gifted.

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ISBN 9781792466489

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