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Copyright: 2020

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The International Public Debate Association was formally established in 1997 and has grown dramatically ever since. The association is comprised of competitors at all types of schools from community colleges to public and private universities across the country. The International Public Debate Association features both individual (IPDA) and team (TIPDA) debate formats. IPDA strives to have accessible formats with its content, style and tournament access.

This textbook is an introductory guide to the International Public Debate Association and its formats. IPDA prioritizes and fosters skills in persuasion and public speaking that benefit students beyond a debate round and after graduation. By using lay, untrained judges, IPDA teaches students to be able to persuade nearly anyone. Additionally, IPDA resolutions can address a broad range of topics such as foreign and domestic politics, sports, philosophy, and popular culture. Persuasion, after all, does not begin or end with exclusively policies. This edition incorporates updated examples and information, including a new chapter on Team IPDA (TIPDA)

This textbook also introduces student to prominent theories of persuasion, such as Aristotle’s rhetorical proofs and the Elaboration Likelihood Model and features practical application of theories. Student are also introduced to argumentation theories and practices including case building, refutation, and more. The theories, practices, and applications featured in this textbook are used to cultivate students’ critical thinking skills as they sharpen their skills in persuasion and argumentation.


PART 1 Theoretical Underpinnings
Chapter 1 The International Public Debate Association: A Brief History - Alan Cirlin
Chapter 2 IPDA and Academic Debate: Honing Necessary Life Skills - Bennett Strange
Chapter 3 Ethics and IPDA - Patrick G. Richey

PART 2 Persuasion
Chapter 4 Ethos: The Strongest Proof of All - Cole Franklin
Chapter 5 Pathos: Emotional Appeals in IPDA Debate - Michael Ingram
Chapter 6 Logos - Keith Milstead
Chapter 7 Modern Persuasion: Theories and Debate - Merle Ziegler

PART 3 Public Debate
Chapter 8 Striking in IPDA Debate - Katelyn E. Brooks and Patrick G. Richey
Chapter 9 Evidence in IPDA Debate - Jeffrey Dale Hobbs, Jodee Hobbs, and Piengpen Na Pattalung
Chapter 10 Audience Analysis - Adam Key and Natalie Craig
Chapter 11 The Affirmative Case - Bob Alexander and Abigail M. Barnes
Chapter 12 Providing Refutation and Writing the Negative Case - Christopher M. Duerringer
Chapter 13 Cross-Examination - Bob Alexander and Abigail M. Barnes
Chapter 14 Team IPDA Debate - Edwards and Joseph Ganakos

International Public Debate Association

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ISBN 9781792441868

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