Intimate Relationships: Where Have We Been? Where Are We Going?

Author(s): Tai J. Mendenhall, Elizabeth Jeanne Plowman, Lisa A. Trump

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2019

Pages: 346


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Intimate Relationships: Where have we been? Where are we going? is an innovative text that focuses on the interpersonal dynamics of couples, and on the dynamics of couples in-context. We explore how intimate relationships evolve and develop – and how they succeed or fail. We talk about a variety of important relationship topics and skills, including early attachment, courtship and dating, marriage, sexuality, gender, power, communication, conflict resolution, relationship problems (e.g., abuse, infidelity, divorce), couples’ enrichment, and couplehood over the life-course. The science of these foci as studied by sociologists, social psychologists, anthropologists, historians, couple and family therapists, and family social scientists is incorporated throughout.

This revised text was written in collaboration with students (undergraduate, graduate) and alumni from the University of Minnesota – all connected through an extraordinary class about some of the most important things in our lives: love, intimacy, healing, and growth.


Tai J. Mendenhall, Ph.D., LMFT; Lisa J. Trump, Ph.D., LMFT; Jaime Ballard, Ph.D.; Elizabeth J. Plowman, Ph.D.
Learning about Intimacy (without the infomercial)
Approaches to Teaching Intimacy
Approaches to Understanding Intimacy
Motivations for Learning (and Acting upon Learning) about Intimacy
And So, our Journey begins…

Chapter 1 Intimacy: What Is It? How Do We Develop It?
Lisa J. Trump, Ph.D., LMFT; Tai J. Mendenhall, Ph.D., LMFT
Evolutionary Theory of Attraction
Filter Theory of Attraction
Wheel of Love
Triangular Theory
Love Styles
Putting it all Together

Chapter 2 Attachment: How Where We Have Been Influences What We Do in Relationships
Kirsten Lind Seal, Ph.D., LMFT; Jennifer L. Doty, Ph.D., CFLE
Attachment Theory
Attachment in Romantic Relationships
So What? What Now?

Chapter 3 Personality and Intimate Relationships
Noah E. Gagner, M.A., M.Ed.; Lisa J. Trump, Ph.D., LMFT
What is Personality?
Assessments of Personality
Personality and Dating
Personality and Social Media

Chapter 4 Gender Socialization and Relationship Formation: What Is It and What Has It Got To Do with Me?
Jane E. Newell, Ph.D.; Anna Bohlinger, Ph.D., LMFT
Gender Socialization and Relationship Formation 
The Feminine Mystique: Consumerism and the Post-War Era
Gender and Culture
Gender and Religion

Chapter 5 Social and Cultural Contexts of Meeting and Dating
Jennifer L. Doty, Ph.D., CFLE; Tai J. Mendenhall, Ph.D., LMFT; Jonathan J. Kleba
A Short History Lesson: Social Contexts and Relationships
Relationships in Today’s Market Economy
Technology in Relationships 
What We Don’t Know

Chapter 6 Dances of Intimacy: Patterns of Communication, Boundaries, and Barriers
Kirsten Lind Seal, Ph.D., LMFT; Elizabeth J. Plowman, Ph.D.; Jaime Ballard, Ph.D.
Dances of Intimacy
So Really—How Do We Change?
Conclusion: When Intimacy Dances Work

Chapter 7 Boundaries: Where I End and You Begin
Elizabeth J. Plowman, Ph.D.; Damir Utrzan, Ph.D., LMFT
What are Boundaries?
The Ripple Effect of Relationship Ponds: Family Systems Theory

Chapter 8 Authenticity in Intimate Relationships
Anna Bohlinger, Ph.D., LMFT; Elizabeth J. Plowman, Ph.D.; Tai J. Mendenhall, Ph.D., LMFT
What Do We Know?
Authenticity and Social Change
The Johari Window
Why Didn’t You Call: The Subjective Version

Chapter 9 Intimacy Killers
Jennifer L. Doty, Ph.D., CFLE; Carrie L. Hanson, Ph.D., LMFT; Matthew A. Witham, Ph.D., LMFT; Alejandra Ochoa; Tai J. Mendenhall, Ph.D., LMFT
The Four Horsemen
Couples and Money
Violence and Relationships
Alcohol and Relationships
What We Don’t Know

Chapter 10 Intimacy Healers  
Christina J. Robert, Ph.D., LMFT; Anna Bohlinger, Ph.D., LMFT;  Holli M. Kelly-Trombley, Ph.D., LMFT; Lisa J. Trump, Ph.D., LMFT
The Sound Relational House
Love Languages
Communicating Your Love Language

Chapter 11 Uncharted Territory: Long Distance Relationships in College-Age Commuters
Polina N. Levchenko, Ph.D.; Cigdem Yumbul, Ph.D.; Tai J. Mendenhall, Ph.D., LMFT
Long-Distance Relationships Among Young Adults
Common Myths About Long Distance Relationships
Review of What We Know about LDRs
Specific Cases of LDRs
Succeeding in an LDR
What We Don’t Know

Chapter 12 The Influence of Culture on Relationships
Tisa Mitchell, M.S.; Dung M. Mao, Ph.D.; Meghan N. Mao, RN
Race, Culture, and Ethnicity
Minority Groups in the United States
Intermarriage: History to Present Day
Ethnicity and Intermarriage
Challenges for Minority Families Integrating into the United States
Cultural Competence
Future Research on Culture in Relationships

Chapter 13 Religion and Spirituality in Intimate Relationships
Julie Zaloudek, Ph.D.; Gregg Schacher, Ph.D., LMFT; Elizabeth J. Plowman, Ph.D.
Religion and Spirituality
What We Don’t Know

Chapter 14 The Role of Ritual in Relationships
Elizabeth J. Plowman, Ph.D.; Gregg Schacher, Ph.D., LMFT
What We Know about Family and Couple Rituals
What We Don’t Know

Chapter 15 Sexual Intimacy
Lisa J. Trump, Ph.D., LMFT; Polina N. Levchenko, Ph.D.; Tai J. Mendenhall, Ph.D., LMFT; Brian Willoughby, Ph.D.
Sexuality: Physiology or Psychology?
Sexuality with Friends and Strangers
Case Vignette Part II: Differing Histories
Sexuality within Intimate Relationships
Areas for Further Development

Chapter 16 LGBTQ+ Relationships
Emily Schommer, CPhT, BS; Kyle Zrenchik, Ph.D., ACS, LMFT; Anna Bohlinger, Ph.D., LMFT; Dylan Struwe; Jeni Whalig, Ph.D., LMFT; G. Carnes
Defining Identities within the LGBTQ+ Community
Common Experiences of LGBTQ+ Individuals
Religious Resistance and Support
Additional Experiences of LGBTQ+ Relationships
Reflection Questions

Chapter 17 Compassion & Forgiveness in Intimate Relationships
Mary Kelleher, Ph.D., LMFT; Kirsten Lind Seal, Ph.D., LMFT; Jaime Ballard, Ph.D.; Tai J. Mendenhall, Ph.D., LMFT
Compassion and Forgiveness Together

Chapter 18 Relationships Across the Lifespan
J. Max Zubatsky, Ph.D.; LMFT; Stephanie Trudeau, Ph.D.
Long-Lived Relationships
Sustaining Long-lived Relationships
Theories about Long-Lived Relationships
Relationship Decisions
Stressors in Long-Lived Relationships
What Would You Do?

Chapter 19 Are Intimate Relationships Good for Your Health?
Diego Garcia-Huidobro, M.D., Ph.D.; Jerica M. Berge, Ph.D., MPH, LMFT, CFLE
The Intersection of Intimate Relationships and Health
Intimate Relationships and Health Behaviors
Intimate Relationships and Chronic Disease
Intimate Relationships and Mental Health
Theoretical Explanations Regarding the Connection between Intimate Relationships and Health
Family Communication and Health
Strengthening Intimate Relationships to Improve Health

Chapter 20 Where Have We Been? Where Are We Going? Charting the Course in Our Intimate Journeys
Elizabeth J. Plowman, Ph.D.; Lisa J. Trump, Ph.D., LMFT; Tai J. Mendenhall, Ph.D., LMFT
What is Intimacy?
Where Have We Been?
Where Are We Going?

Author Bios

Tai J. Mendenhall

Dr. Tai Mendenhall is a Medical Family Therapist (MedFT) and Associate Professor in the Couple and Family Therapy Program at the University of Minnesota (UMN) in the Department of Family Social Science. He is also the Associate Director of the UMN’s Citizen Professional Center, Director of the UMN’s Medical Reserve Corps’ Mental Health Disaster-Response Teams, and an Adjunct Faculty Member and Clinician in the UMN’s Department of Family Medicine and Community Health. He works actively in the conduct of collaborative family healthcare and community-based participatory research (CBPR) focused on a variety of public health issues. In professional writing, Tai has contributed extensively to both medical and social sciences through publications in peer reviewed journals and book chapters. He has also published five edited books (four as first-author/ editor), including two texts regarding cutting-edge applications of MedFT. In professional forums, he regularly delivers workshops and presentations across state, national, and international arenas. Originally from New Zealand, Tai is now a “kiwi in the arctic.” Outside work, he enjoys motorcycling, running, and home-remodeling projects.

Elizabeth Jeanne Plowman

Dr. Elizabeth (“Libby”) Plowman is an Adjunct Faculty Member in the School of Education at American Public University and American Military University. In addition to teaching, she works as a research consultant with several marketing firms in Chicago, IL, and co-owns a small business dedicated to fundraising for breast cancer research. Libby has co-authored several peer-reviewed journal articles and has presented her work at various national and international conferences. Her academic interests center on innovative research designs in family science, the assessment of parent–child relationships, and parenting education. Outside the office, Libby is passionate about spending quality time with her husband and their young daughter, Leonie.

Lisa A. Trump

Dr. Lisa Trump is an Adjunct Faculty Member in the Graduate School of Professional Psychology at the University of St. Thomas. Her program of research has focused on couple- and family-level interventions for chronic illness management, and investigating new approaches to support patients’ biopsychosocial/spiritual needs. Lisa has co-authored several articles in peer-reviewed journals and has presented her work at local and national conferences. When she is not teaching and writing, she spends time with her young daughter at home. In her free time, she enjoys spending time in northern Minnesota at her family’s cabin and trying new restaurants and coffee shops in the Twin Cities.

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