An Introduction to Art Music

Author(s): Brad DeRoche

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2015


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An Introduction to Art Music takes readers through the world of art music–AKA “classical” music–from basic terminology to periods, styles and composers. Written by a music educator rather than a musicologist, it presents information in a way that is accessible to the novice learner but should also be interesting to the more experienced music listener. Music is presented within a larger context: every section of the chronology begins with an introduction to what is happening in the world, to major artists of the time, and to literary and artistic movements.

This is not a hard-cover book simply converted to eBook format: it was designed as an eBook from the beginning. Thus, it has features that many similar books do not. First, you can hear the terms and composer names pronounced simply by clicking on them. Second, it has links to video lectures by the author that can enhance the reader’s understanding of the topics in the text. Third, the book links to useful websites for those who want to know more about a particular topic. Readers who have access to Alexander Street’s Classical Music Library, an online music library (available through many universities and public libraries) may also listen to the recordings that go with the text.

Brad DeRoche

Related ISBN's: 9781465276070, 9781465295965, 9781524911423

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ISBN 9781465276070

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