An Introduction to Atmospheric Science Lab Manual

Author(s): Texas Tech Atmospheric Science Group

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2014

Pages: 144

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An Introduction to Atmospheric Science: Lab Manual was written for the purpose of helping students achieve a basic knowledge and understanding of our atmosphere. The manual was designed to complement and reinforce a more thorough and comprehensive introductory atmospheric science course and textbook.

Throughout the lab manual important terms are highlighted in bold. A glossary is provided for easy reference. Questions are interspersed throughout each of the eight labs. At the end of each lab, there is an answer sheet that also contains all of the questions. This is so the student can tear out the answer sheet and any accompanying maps for easy grading, and keep the background material and explanations for studying and future reference.


Lab 1: Observing the Atmosphere
Lab 2: The Atmosphere in 3-D
Lab 3: Radiation and Temperature
Lab 4: The Atmosphere in Motion
Lab 5: Humidity and Cloud Formation
Lab 6: Atmospheric Stability and Cloud Types
Lab 7: Air Masses and Fronts
Lab 8: Thunderstorms and Doppler Radar

Appendix A: Conversion Formulas
Appendix B: Doppler Radar Velocity Image
Appendix C: Visible Satellite Image


Texas Tech Atmospheric Science Group

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ISBN 9781524991142

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