Introduction to the Caribbean: Diversity, Challenges, Resiliency

Author(s): Camille Hernandez-Ramdwar

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2021


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Introduction to the Caribbean is a stand-alone text that is designed to challenge common misperceptions about the Caribbean and provide a solid grounding for an understanding of the region. It is interactive, with links to audiovisual content and relevant websites, and covers topics such as the Indigenous Caribbean, slavery and indentureship, Haitian and Cuban revolutions, ideologies, gender relations, globalization, and contemporary legacies.

A fully-developed interactive course package eBook, Dr. Camille Hernandez-Ramdwar’s Introduction to the Caribbean:

  • Provides a concise history of how the Caribbean came into being, including some key events that occurred (such as two revolutions) leading up to the modern day.
  • Explains how Caribbean cultures are cultures of resistance, and provides examples in music, dance, poetry, film, video, festivals and religion.
  • Discusses contemporary issues affecting the Caribbean such as tourism, debt, the drug trade, gender-based violence, migration and diaspora.
  • In addition to the eBook, the website, The Caribbean: A Brief Introduction is a supplement for courses that require a concise overview of the Caribbean as a region, its history, cultures and contemporary issues, along with an interactive map, puzzles and self-assessment exercises

Chapter 1: First Peoples of the Caribbean
Chapter 2: Colonialism, the African Slave Trade, and the Sugar Plantation
Chapter 3: Caribbean Slavery and Indentureship
Chapter 4: Haiti and Cuba - Two Revolutions
Chapter 5: Caribbean Nation Building
Chapter 6: Ideologies and Social Movements
Chapter 7: Gender Relations
Chapter 8: Migration and Diaspora
Chapter 9: Globalization and the Caribbean
Chapter 10: Legacies


Camille Hernandez-Ramdwar

Dr. Camille Hernández-Ramdwar is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at X University in Toronto, Canada, and the Academic Coordinator for Caribbean Studies. Her areas of research include Caribbean cultures and identities; African Traditional Religions in the Caribbean; popular culture, youth and sexual violence; diasporic, transnational and second generation identities; and racism and Caribbean peoples in Canada. She headed the SSHRC-funded Posting for Peace/Publicar para la Paz project from 2016-2018 which investigated social media, youth and violence in Trinidad, and directed/produced Posting for Peace a short documentary based on this research. Her scholarly work has appeared in International Encounters: Higher Education and the International Student Experience (Rowan and Little, 2019),Caribbean Healers and Healing Practices in Health and Mental Health (Routledge, 2013),Searching for Equality: Inclusion and Equity in the Canadian Academy (University of Toronto Press, 2010), Caribbean Journal of Criminology and Public Safety (2009) Caribbean Review of Gender Studies (2008), and TOPIA (2008). In addition, Dr. Hernández-Ramdwar has written short stories, narratives, and poetry dealing with the issues of diasporic, transnational, and multiracial identities, work which has been published in anthologies such as Talking About Identity: Encounters in Race, Ethnicity and Language (James and Shadd, 2001), Beneath the Cotton Tree Root (Hopkinson, 2000), and "...but where are you really from?": Stories of Identity and Assimilation in Canada (Palmer, 1997).

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