Introduction to Counseling: Integration of Faith, Professional Identity, and Clinical Practice

Author(s): Robyn T. Simmons, Stacey C. Lilley, Anita M. Knight Kuhnley

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2020

Pages: 575


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Introduction to Counseling: Integration of Faith, Professional Identity, and Clinical Practice provides a comprehensive introduction to the profession and faith integration.  The publication helps students understand how to be and think like an ethically responsible Counselor who is also a Christian and sought an education, which included a Christian worldview.

Introduction to Counseling: Integration of Faith, Professional Identity, and Clinical Practice:

  • is not focused on training Christian counselors. Rather, it is focused on training future Professional Counselors who want to understand how to be true to their faith without imposing values on clients.
  • explains what it means to be a professional counselor, the roles and functions included in being a professional counselor, as well as the historical antecedents, current trends, and future outlook of the profession.
  • describes how the counseling role is complementary and distinct from other professionals, what students uniquely bring to the counseling profession, and an understanding of how to integrate their identity as a Christian into the profession.
  • is designed to address CACREP standards related to Professional Identity.
  • Is divided into four main categories of foundational information about professional identity: Who We Are and What We Do, Spiritual and Ethical Cornerstones, Counseling in Practice, and Looking to the Future.


Foundations of Professional Identity: Who We Are and What We Do

Chapter 1: Historical Overview and Current Trends
Jama Davis, Ph.D. & Jerry Vuncannon, Jr., Ph.D.

Chapter 2: Professional Identity: Associations, Credentials, and Licenses
Mary Deacon, Ph.D., Kevin Van Wynsberg, Ph.D., Robyn Simmons, Ed.D., & Brandi Chamberlin, Ph.D.

Chapter 3: Professional Counselor Roles and Practice Settings
Robyn Simmons, Ed.D., Stacey Lilley, Ph.D., & Anita Kuhnley, Ph.D.

Foundations of Professional Identity: Spiritual and Ethical Cornerstones

Chapter 4: Counseling: Integrating a Christian Worldview
John King, Ph.D. & Stacey Lilley, Ph.D.

Chapter 5: Cultural Diversity and Social Justice
Nivischi N. Edwards, Ph.D., Arleezah Marrah, Ph.D., Jennifer Schwirzer, M.A., & Kimberly C. Harris, M.A.

Chapter 6: Legal and Ethical Considerations in Professional Counseling
David R. Brown, Ph.D. & April Crable, Ph.D.

Chapter 7: Counselor Wellness, Impairment, and Self-Care
Yulanda Tyre, Ph.D., Stacey C. Lilley, Ph.D., & Kristy Ford, Ph.D.

Foundations of Professional Identity: Counseling in Practice

Chapter 8: The Authentic Counseling Relationship: Client and Holistic Considerations
Kristy Ford, Ph.D. & Capri Brooks, Ph.D.

Chapter 9: Introduction to Counseling Skills
Anita Kuhnley, Ph.D., Robyn Simmons, Ed.D., & Gary Allen Sibcy, Ph.D.

Chapter 10: Counseling Theories
Patti Hinkley, Ed.D. & Christina Villarreal-Davis, Ph.D.

Chapter 11: Assessment and Diagnosis
Vasti Holstun, Ph.D. & Summer Kuba, Ph.D.

Chapter 12: Research, Program Evaluation, and the Counselor
Anita Knight Kuhnley, Ph.D., Kristy Ford, Ph.D., & Gary Allen Sibcy, Ph.D.

Foundations of Professional Identity: Looking to the Future

Chapter 13: The Brain: What Counselors Need to Know
John Kuhnley, M.D., Robyn Simmons, Ed.D., & Anita Knight Kuhnley, Ph.D.

Chapter 14: The Future of Counseling
Andrea Barbian-Shimberg, Ph.D., Kevin B. Hull, Ph.D., Robyn Simmons, Ed.D., & April Crable, Ph.D.


Robyn T. Simmons

Robyn Trippany Simmons received her Ed.D. in Counselor Education from the University of Alabama in 2001 and has been a practicing counselor since 1996. She serves as Professor in the Department of Counseling at the University of the Cumberlands. Dr. Simmons has also served in programmatic administrative and leadership positions for much of her career. Dr. Simmons’s research and clinical interests include sexual trauma, vicarious trauma, play therapy, and professional identity issues. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor in Alabama and is a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor. Dr. Simmons publishes and presents locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally on play therapy, creative approaches to therapy and clinical supervision, counselor education, and trauma counseling.

Stacey C. Lilley

Stacey C. Lilley received her Ph.D. in Counselor Education from Virginia Tech in 2007.  She has experience as a licensed school counselor, wellness director and college counselor, private practice setting, and clinical supervisor. Dr. Lilley currently is an Assitant Professor and Program Director of Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Liberty University. She is involved in curriculum development, student advisement, and pursing current areas of research involving wellness, supervision, curriculum development, and team effectiveness.  Dr. Lilley enjoys presenting, training new counselors, and remaining clinically active in the field.

Anita M. Knight Kuhnley

Anita Knight Kuhnley, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Counseling and a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the Department of Counselor Education and Family Studies at Liberty University, she teaches in the CACREP accredited clinical mental health counseling program. Kuhnley earned her doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision from Regent University and her M.A. in Community Counseling from Regent University. Kuhnley is also a certified as a highly reliable coder of the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) through Mary Main and Eric Hesse’s UC Berkeley AAI coder certification program. Kuhnley is also the author of several books including Redeeming Attachment. For more information see her website at: Her forthcoming trade book releases in September of 2020 and is entitled, “The Mister Rogers Effect: Seven secrets to bringing out the best in yourself and others from America’s beloved neighbor.”

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