Introduction to Global Club Management

Author(s): Cynthia Johnson

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Copyright: 2017

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Introduction to Global Club Management provides a comprehensive foundation of the unique aspects that set golf club management apart from other realms of the hospitality industry. From Recruitment and HR to Memberships and Operations, the text discusses the past, present, and future of clubs, ensuring students are prepared to delve into this industry with a thorough knowledge of its interworkings.

Filled with breathtaking images and explanatory graphs and charts, Introduction to Global Club Management is an excellent resource for hospitality students of any level.

1. Introduction
It’s Different
Servicing Members vs Servicing Customers
Why Study Clubs?
Defining a Club

2. The Evolution of Private Clubs
Milestone 1: Late 18th and Early 19th Century London
Milestone 2: Early 19th Century United States
Milestone 3: Move to the Suburbs
Milestone 4: The Roller Coaster Years of the 20th Century
Milestone 5: Women and Minorities Admitted to Clubs
Milestone 6: Current Times

3. The Ownership Element
Equity Clubs
Non-Equity Clubs

4. Governance vs Operations
What Are Bylaws?
Management and Operations

5. Memberships
The Costs of a Club Membership
How Clubs Acquire New Members

6. Career Paths in Private Clubs and Golf Resorts
Management Skills and Competencies
Competencies Required
Inside the Clubhouse
Outside the Clubhouse
International Opportunities
Launching Your Career

7. Industry Associations and External Agencies: The United States and Abroad

8. Club Management Companies and Consultants
Club Management Companies (Third-Party Management)
Consulting Firms

9. Global Events Impacting the Club Industry
The Majors
International Tournaments
Cross Sport Pollination

10. World Rankings, Industry Standards, and Awards of Distinction
Awards of Distinction

11. Global Recruitment and Human Resources Management
Recruiting for Staff
Online Job Postings
Recruiting Events
Recruiting for Management
Executive Placement Firms
Hiring Internationals
Hiring Local
Careers in Human Resources (HR) for Clubs

12. Marketing of Clubs and Global Golf Resorts
Equity Clubs
Membership Marketing
Services Marketing
International Golf Resorts

13. State of the Industry
1. The Economy
2. Changing Values
3. New Leisure Activities
4. Golf’s Boring Image
5. Golf’s Declining Viewership
So What’s Being Done to Stop the Bleeding?
Millennials, the Golden Ticket
Changes in Clubs
Across the Globe

14. Future Trends
The New Member
Not Just about Golf Anymore
Food and Beverage
Management and Ownership Moves to Wall Street
The Future of the Future

Cynthia Johnson

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ISBN 9781524940768

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