Introduction to the Humanities: An Outline Guide

Author(s): Sarah Satterfield

Edition: 5

Copyright: 2018


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Introduction to Humanities: An Outline Guide is the outgrowth of many years of teaching Humanities at the collegiate level. Students are often overwhelmed by the amount of material in Humanities texts. Introduction to Humanities: An Outline Guide is a synthesis and reduction of this material. The text is a guide only that Instructors can lecture as usual while students fill in their booklets, thus offering a guided notetaking experience. Content is current and page layout easy to read. A table of contents at the beginning shows students the “big picture” for the semester, outlining all topics to be covered. While topics are presented chronologically, each section is self-contained and thus could be presented in any order desired. Key terms and concepts are placed in bold to facilitate preparation for tests. A glossary at the back allows students to look up any terms missed in class. Definitions are accompanied by suggested viewing and listening where applicable. Supplemental PowerPoints that follow the flow of the books are available that enhance lectures with visual images.

The Arts in Antiquity: Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Early Greece
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome
Ancient India
Ancient China
Early Christianity
The Middle Ages
The Renaissance
The Baroque Period
The Eighteenth Century
The Nineteenth Century
The Twentieth Century


Sarah Satterfield

Dr. Sarah Satterfield has taught a variety of music and humanities courses at the College of Central Florida, University of Florida, Flagler College, and Florida Gateway College. She was recently ranked the 12th leading university professor in America based on student evaluation data and awarded the prestigious Gladys Webber Memorial Chair, an endowment funding an outreach program exploring the therapeutic usages of music, art, and dance. Dr. Satterfield lectures regularly throughout the Southeast, specializing in American music and music of the twentieth century, and has concertized extensively. An experienced administrator with a broad background in various sectors of the performing arts industry, Dr. Satterfield serves as Department Chair of Visual and Performing Arts at CF and managed the San Diego State University Symphony Orchestra and Ocala Symphony Orchestra. She served as Administrative Assistant for the prestigious Arioso Wind Quintet, winning grants exceeding $50,000 for that organization. She also coordinated the Adams Project, a training program that taught collegiate-level small ensembles the art of educational, senior, and multi-cultural outreach programming.

Dr. Satterfield received a Ph.D. in Music History and Literature with an outside specialization in art from the University of Florida, MM in Flute Performance from SDSU, and BM in Music Education from Furman University (magna cum laude). In her spare time she is a competitive runner and nationally ranked triathlete. She serves on the Board of Directors of the local triathlon organization Tri-Him.

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