Introduction to the Music Industry: West Coast Edition

Author(s): Robert Willey, Jeffrey Izzo

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2020

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Robert Willey

Jeffrey Izzo

Jeffrey Izzo is a veteran entertainment attorney, earning his J.D. from Seattle University School of Law in 1993. In his 25+ year legal career he has represented songwriters, performers, independent record companies, authors, and filmmakers, worked as in-house counsel for independent film production companies and multi-media organizations, and is currently Mike Curb Endowed Chair of Music Industry Studies at California State University, Northridge. He is admitted to practice in the states of New York, Massachusetts, and Washington, and proud to be an ASCAP affiliate, as well as a member of the California Copyright Conference, The Recording Academy, College Music Society, The Society of Composers & Lyricists, International Association for the Study of Popular Music, Association For Popular Music Education, and Songwriters of North America.

Jeffrey is also an accomplished composer, lyricist, vocalist, pianist, guitarist, and bass player, with a Bachelor of Music in Composition from Berklee School of Music, and a Master of Music in Composition from the University of Edinburgh. He has written everything from pop songs and jingles to symphonic, chamber and choral works, but his passion is composing for musical theater.

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ISBN 9781792436529

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