Introduction to Operations Management

Author(s): Terry Klinker

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Introduction to Operations Management provides students with an understanding as to how effective operations and supply chain management contributes to the competitiveness and survival of an organization.  Students will be introduced to concepts, principles, and techniques that can be leveraged to analyze, control, and improve critical processes responsible for efficiently making and delivering goods and services without losing sight of the goal of RIGHT6

These critical processes reside in both manufacturing and service organizations; these critical processes are evident in for-profit and non-profit organizations.  Students will be exposed to key operational and supply chain challenges with strategic and tactical implications, and various conceptual aids and quantitative techniques to meet these challenges.  While quantitative techniques are discussed, the focus is on using these techniques to help make informed decisions to overcome operational and supply chain challenges.  The course explicitly recognizes that the operations (& supply chain) function is embedded within an organization that is, itself, embedded within supply chains and, therefore, adopts a "systems" perspective in presenting relevant issues, problems, and decision tools.

Part 1: Using Operations to Create Value
Chapter 1: Operations Strategy
Chapter 2: Operations Management in Service Industry
Chapter 3: Facility Layout and Capacity Planning

Part 2: Operational Planning
Chapter 4: Process Design
Chapter 5: Inventory Management
Chapter 6: Supply Chain Management

Part 3: Quality Systems
Chapter 7: Quality Control

Part 4: Lean Systems
Chapter 8: Lean Systems

Terry Klinker

COL (Ret) Terry Klinker is a Senior Lecturer with the Management Sciences Department in the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University. He has an MBA and BS in Ceramic Engineering, both from The Ohio State University, and a MA in Strategic Studies from the US Army War College. He joined the Fisher College in 2007. Mr. Klinker has held management positions with Corning, Inc., Thomson Multimedia (now Technicolor), and Toledo Engineering. His 25+ years in industry include extensive experience in six sigma, lean, project management, process optimization, and organizational change. As an officer with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, COL Klinker deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003, serving as the base engineer for USCENTCOM forward for 18 months. He was called up in support of Hurricane Katrina/Rita recovery efforts in 2005, serving as the USACE representative at USNORTHCOM. He assumed the role of Partnership of the Americas Engagement Taskforce (PAET) Commander in 2008, organizing and directing a joint operation in Honduras with a mission to develop local infrastructure, build/improve schools, and bring healthcare resources (medical/dental/veterinary) to populations with limited access. Areas of Expertise Lean & Six Sigma, Operations Strategy, Project Management, Organizational & Process Optimization

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ISBN 9781524990022

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