Introduction to Physical Geology Laboratory Course and Kit


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This engaging physical geology laboratory course, e-text, and specimen identification kit will challenge and excite your students while they explore the globe, study national parks, identify rocks and minerals, analyze data, hypothesize, and extrapolate, all while learning and applying scientific methodologies!

Introduction to Physical Geology contains 13 modules with engaging laboratories, quizzes, projects, and scientific writing assignments that can uniquely be delivered in any modality. This course is applicable in full as well as accelerated semesters. User-friendly, this robust and engaging laboratory course and kit is technologically relevant for the hands-on geoscience lessons, including the identification of forty rock and minerals specimens that are shipped directly to students!

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • explain aspects of geology and geoscience.
  • be able to understand tectonic processes, geologic time, metamorphism, deposition, weathering, erosion, volcanism, natural hazards, natural resources, and many other processes and mechanisms related to geology.
  • recognize fifteen minerals by distinguishing their unique physical properties.
  • identify different types of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks based on their textures and compositions, and  explain the nature of their formations.
  • apply critical thinking and scientific communication skills.


Module 1: Geoscience and Quantitative Reasoning

Module 2: Earth’s Layers and Plate Tectonics

Module 3: Geologic Time

Module 4: Geologic Structures and Seismology

Module 5: Minerals

Module 6: Igneous Rocks and Volcanism

Module 7: Geologic Investigation of the Hawaiian Islands

Module 8: Sedimentary Rocks and Processes

Module 9: Metamorphic Rocks and Metamorphism

Module 10: Maps and Geographic Information Systems

Chapter 11: Energy, Resources and Global Climate

Chapter 12: Wind, Water, and Ice

Chapter 13: Final Project – National Park Exploration


Alexandra Price is a blooming geoscientist and educator with a passion to engage minds. She adores the American Southwest desert, where she finds the geology especially spectacular, and the rock-climbing is world class. She earned her undergraduate degree from Colorado Mesa University and graduate degree from University of Texas Permian Basin. Balancing motherhood with teaching, she believes one of her strengths is bridging the gap between educators and students. She hopes students see the awesomeness of earth through this physical geology laboratory course. She can be reached on her LinkedIn or at

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ISBN 9781792496677

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