An Introduction to Sound, Image, and Motion

Author(s): Gregory LeSar

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2017

Pages: 110

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CHAPTER ONE Media Building Blocks

Sound, Image, and Motion Overview

Exercise One




Exercise Two

Vocabulary: Camera Shots and Compositions

The Silent Era

Modern Silent Film

Kuleshov and Montage

Creativity and Your Environment

Exercise Three

Video Scavenger Hunt Assignment

Visual Arguments

Principles of Design

Contrast and Juxtaposition

CHAPTER TWO Preproduction

Writing and Preproduction

1. Scene Heading

2. Action Slug

3. Character Name

4. Dialogue

Exercise One

The Essentials

Shot Lists




Preproduction Inventory and Preproduction List


Shooting Protocol


Quiet on the Set

On Set Shooting Protocol

Shot Schedule

Advice From the Pros


Best Advice Ever


Exercise One: Video Press Kit

CHAPTER FOUR Post Production  

Advanced Editing Terminology  

Examining Mastery

Film Terms  

Experimental Editing Techniques  

Behind the Scenes and What to Do With Your Movie  

The Artist Statement

On Music and Sound

Fair Use  

Final Video Presentation

Exercise One

CHAPTER FIVE Documentary Practices  

Documentary and Open-Ended Questions

Proposal Writing  

Instruction for Proposal  

Interviewing People  

Ask Open-Ended Questions  

Listen and Watch Attentively

Be Present and Establish a Relationship With the Source

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Make Your Subject Comfortable

Research Your Subject Beforehand

20 Questions

The Interview

Interview Tools

Interview Composition

Interview Transcript

Subject Photos

Video Documentation

Exercise One

CHAPTER SIX Narrative Practices

Understanding the Narrative

Exploring the Narrative

Focus on What Interests You

Be Prepared for Surprises

Ask Yourself: “How Could I Do This in Another Way?”

Create Every Single Day

CHAPTER SEVEN Beginning Animation and VFX

Presentation 1: What Is Adobe After Effects?

Basic Animation Workflow



Post Production

Navigating the Timeline in After Effects

AV Panel

Layers Panel

Switches Panel

Modes Panel

Parent Panel

Duration Panel

Rules to Follow When Working in Adobe After Effects

Rule 1  

Rule 2

Rule 3

Presentation 1: Rendering

Creating New Templates

First You Will Set the Render Settings

Now Create an Output Template


Discussion: Music Used to Create Emotion

Type as a Design Element

Standard Video Resolution


Point Size  


Text Color  

Blending Mode


Project Design

Visual Interest/Timing

Presentation 2: Adding Sound

Tutorial Overview Steps to Import Sound

Basic Audio Editing in After Effects

Assignment: Animate Type to Music


Discussion: File Management

Presentation 3: Type in Motion

Using Animation Presets

Rendering With a New Codec


Part 1—Storyboard

Discussion: Tips and Tricks for After Effects

Presentation 4: A Logo in Motion

Getting Started with Adobe Illustrator

Rendering Your Animation

Part 1—Storyboard

Discussion: Functions and Tools in After Effects

Presentation 5: A Nod to Saul Bass

Part 2—Storyboard Frames With Footage and Sound

Discussion: Visual Affects That Create Emotion

Presentation 6: The Ken Burns Effect

Discussion: The Ken Burns Effect  

Presentation 7: The Final Demo Reel

Gregory LeSar

Dr. Greg LeSar lives and teaches in Tampa, Florida. He holds degrees in Philosophy, Film and
Digital Media, and Adult Education. His work combines film, sculpture, and qualitative research.
His area of interest focuses on the behaviors and consumption patterns of millennial culture.
His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, recently appearing at The Venture
Compound Gallery in St Petersburg, Fl. His favorite movie is Predator.

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ISBN 9781524939649

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