Introduction to Sport Management

Author(s): Jordan Bass

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2020

Pages: 314

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In the rapidly changing sport space, a textbook that serves the specific needs of the students in an introductory sport management course is imperative. The overarching aim of Introduction to Sport Management is to combine basic theoretical concepts with the knowledge and expertise of University of Kansas Jayhawk professionals in the sporting field.

Students and faculty members alike will find value in the wide range of topics covered and the number of resources included to facilitate both in class and out of class activities and discussion. Finally, readers will enjoy the insights of experts in the field and benefit from the numerous viewpoints on the billion-dollar sport management arena.

CHAPTER 1: Introduction to Sport Management
CHAPTER 2: Why Sport Management?
CHAPTER 3: “Crimson and the Blue” An Era of Athletic Achievement
CHAPTER 4: Careers in Sport Management
CHAPTER 5: The Importance of Networking in Professional Career Development
CHAPTER 6: The U.S. Sport Industry
CHAPTER 7: High School and Youth Sport
CHAPTER 8: Intercollegiate Sport
CHAPTER 9: International Sport
CHAPTER 10: Sales in the Sport Organization
CHAPTER 11: Sponsorship and Endorsement
CHAPTER 12: Sport Communication
CHAPTER 13: Sport Marketing
CHAPTER 14: Sport Facility and Event Management
CHAPTER 15: Sport in the Community and Recreation Context
CHAPTER 16: Fundraising

Jordan Bass

Jordan R. Bass, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor at the University of Kansas. He also serves as the Associate Chair of the Department of Health, Sport, and Exercise Sciences and Program Director for the Sport Management program. He completed his doctoral work at Florida State University and has numerous industry related experiences, including helping found a USL League Two soccer franchise (Kaw Valley FC) and serving as Vice President and Associate General Manager.

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ISBN 9781792444111

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