An Introduction to World Music: Exploring the Sound of Cultures


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A fascinating doorway to music from around the world.

Based on the authors’ ten years of experience teaching the first edition, this new edition of An Introduction to World Music: Exploring the Sound of Cultures journeys further into the cultures and their music, adds to the appreciation of song collectors and their methods, includes added listening notes and links to both traditional and modern music (and the blending of the two), and offers Napster access and a greatly expanded array of photos, all helping bring the music and cultures even more fully to life.

It continues to be the top choice for an introduction to world music course—both for students and teachers. An Introduction to World Music covers the concepts, vocabulary, and subject matter of an on-campus, introductory college level course in world music. And it now includes a subscription to Napster, where most of the course’s wide range of music is accessed. With its in-depth reading, music selections, listening notes, writing and study activities, guided discussions, online quizzes, and concert experiences, An Introduction to World Music is a rewarding way to appreciate our planet’s remarkable music and the people and cultures it springs from. It could even change your own world, sparking new ideas of what’s possible.

The Big Picture—The Course, This Book & How to Do Well, 1 Concert Reports: The Live Experience

Lesson One How Music Is Linked to Culture—A World of Unity & Difference
The Silk Road
Changing the World with Music
The Listening Notes: An Introduction

Lesson Two Basic Characteristics of Music—What Makes a Culture’s Music Distinct
Violins & Bows Around the World

Lesson Three Native North American Music—Tuning to the Natural World
Map of Native American Nations, with the Original Names and Locations
The Song Collectors: Recording, Sharing & Saving the World’s Music

Lesson Four Sub-Saharan African Music—A Tapestry of Rhythms
Jalis: Counselors, Historians & Bards

Lesson Five African American Music—A Mixing of Cultures That Amazed the World
Roots of the Banjo: An (African) American Instrument
Songs of the Civil Rights Movement
Bring in ’da Noise, Bring in ’da Funk: Hip-Hop, Rap & the First Few Decades

Lesson Six Music of Japan—Deep Roots & (Mostly) Open Arms
The Concept of Ma

Lesson Seven Music of India—Modern Sounds from an Ancient Tree
The Vedas & the Origins of Indian Music
Kirtan: At Home in Families, Temples & Stadiums

Lesson Eight Latin American Music—Ancient Streams & Modern Tributaries
Ranchera & the Quality of Tears
Three Culture Roots: The Inca, Maya & Aztec

Lesson Nine Music of Indonesia—Islands of Diversity, Bamboo & Bronze
Colin McPhee’s Contagious Discovery of Balinese Gamelan Music
Indonesian Guitar Music
World’s Fairs: Discovering Cultures in an Earlier Time

Lesson Ten Wrapping Up—The Concert Reports, Test & Next Steps


With an M.A. and Ph.D. in music theory and composition, William Cratty has taught world music at the college level for many years, including a range of face-to-face and online courses at several California colleges. Among his awards is “Most Outstanding Teacher of the Year,” at the University of California, Riverside. A professional pianist, composer, author, and pedagogist, his interest in non-Western music cultures and his extensive travels on six continents were initially inspired by his mother, who is half-Chinese and half-Greek and was born in Kunming, China. During his travels, he has assimilated the music, dance, and cultures of more than 60 countries. He is the author of other books and works and served as an advisor on two of Don and David Megill’s Music Online courses—Music Fundamentals Online and Music Appreciation Online.


Jeffrey Ainis has written on popular and world music, film music, and spirituality, and he is a former writer and Associate Editor for The Hollywood Reporter. As an author, he collaborated with William Russo and David Stevenson on Composing Music: A New Approach (University of Chicago Press). He edited and designed the text and study activities for Donald and David Megill’s college series, Music Appreciation Online, Introduction to Jazz Online, and Music Fundamentals Online. Nonfiction books he edited have won several awards. He has taught composing and songwriting and has won several songwriting awards. He also plays and leads kirtan/world music in the U.S. and internationally. In addition to his writing for this book, he is also the editor.

This book offers helpful information regarding the study of the music world. This book is an easy-to-use online tool, which offers practice and study materials to help students integrate the material and prepare for the tests and writing assignments.
Aryana Khalilzadeh, Student

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ISBN 9781792491849

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