Inventory of Self Assessments: A Guide to Understanding You

Author(s): John E. Mago

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2017

Pages: 50

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Inventory of Self Assessments: A Guide to Understanding You: knows that who you are and understanding your situational tendencies are very important. Why? Well, if you understand yourself, you can more easily identify how a situation is going to play out on your end. Past and present studies have shown that the key to successful people is their ability to know themselves. So, as you take these assessments, try to relate to where you fit in any past or present situations.

Inventory of Self Assessments: A Guide to Understanding You:

  • makes it a game as you validate and understand that you really do understand who you are.
  • reiterates that there is no one else in this world who should know you better than YOU!
  • allows you to explore yourself and will challenge you with your thought process.

1. Do I understand my basic personality?

2. Am I a Type-A

3. Emotional Intelligence (EI)

4. What are the different types of stress in my life?

5. Am I prone to be considered ethnocentric?

6. What are my views on ethics?

7. How do my ethics and business get along?

8. How do I use my abilities to succeed?

9. What are my skills in Personal Planning?

10. Will I be an Entrepreneur?

11. How are my Customer Service Skills?

12. My types of needs for job satisfaction

13. What are my motivational needs in the workplace?

14. Workplace Benefits and Rewards

15. What Are My Needs in a Job?

16. What’s My Preferred Type of Power?

17. What is the best way I like to handle conflicts?

18. Is managing people something that I would like?

19. Do I like to delegate to others?

20. Do I have enough interest to get into management?

21. How is my Work/life Management?

22. Am I really a procrastinator or not?

23. Do others see me as trustworthy or not?

24. Can I put my trust in others?

25. Listening Skills

26. Do I like to Gossip?

27. What are my thoughts about being part of a team?

28. How Well Do I Communicate with Others?

John E. Mago

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ISBN 9781524917579

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