The Last Little Job Finding Manual You'll Ever Need: Removing the Roadblocks from the Job Search Process

Author(s): Jackie Martin

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2018

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The Last Little Job Finding Manual You’ll Ever Need is just that! Too many job seekers with excellent skills do not know how industry expects them to prepare their job portfolio. The bar is high. Employers expect a very high quality resume, cover letter, and electronic or e-portfolio, and most job seekers do not know how to begin! They reach the resume writer’s roadblock quickly and spend months and years not receiving interviews when sending out numerous applications. In the meantime, their lives suffer greatly because of being un- or under-employed.    

However, this text, and this author and job coach, turn lives around immediately, upon heeding the advice and techniques in this unique text and guide.

The resume, cover letter, and portfolio are persuasive writing pieces, electronically composed and electronically sent. Resume and cover letters are technical writing exercises, with a persuasive tone. In addition, interviewing skills and techniques are just as essential as the resume, cover letter, and portfolio.  

Finally, the most difficult aspect of writing an industry standard resume is knowing how to reduce, synthesize and refine the job seeker’s employment and education history into often a one page resume.    

In this text, these daunting but critical tasks are delineated by a veteran professor, author and professional resume writer and job coach in an easy to read, and easy to follow manual on Job Search.


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CHAPTER ONE - The Job Seekers’ Checklist
The Job Discovery Process: First Steps Self-assessment and Job Readiness Research The Interview
A. Understanding Employers’ Skills-based Language Job Titles: Administrative Assistant, General Office, Bookkeeping Step 1
Hands on Activities to Determine Career Direction and Preparedness
How to Write the Winning Summary Statement
Resumes Vary According to Circumstance
Key Tips for Resumes by Circumstance:
Summary – Resumes That Vary By Circumstance
Rules That Apply To All Resumes:
How to Write an Effective Resume
Hard Copy or Online Applications
The First Interview
The Job Offer
Interview Follow Up

CHAPTER TWO - “Branding You!” - Creating a Persuasive Resume, Cover Letter and E-Portfolio
The Resume, First Impressions Do Count!
Current Industry Standard Resumes
Current Resume Writing Practice— Where to Find It
Personal Information
Mid-Chapter Student Activity, 2.1
Mid-Chapter Student Activity 2.2
Professional Experience and Key Accomplishments
Mid-Chapter Student Activity 2.3
Formatting the Resume
The Electronic Career Portfolio (Eportfolio)
Removing the First Potential Roadblock: Writing a Winning Cover Letter
E-mail Cover Letter
Student Activity 2.4

CHAPTER THREE - Are You Prepared for Today’s Job Search?
Digital Information Literacy
Job Search Strategies
Active and Passive Job Search
The Interview
Mid-Chapter Student Activity 1
Interview Formats
Salary and Benefits
Follow up
Continued Career Development
Works Cited

Jackie Martin

Jackie Martin is a Professor at Palomar College in San Marcos, CA. She is Professor and Chair of the Business Department, a faculty senator and a seasoned educator. Jackie Martin's qualifications include the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) Certification, a California Community College Instructor Credential, a Clear Designated Subjects Vocational Teaching Credential, and certification as a Microsoft Office Specialist.

Jackie Martin possesses a teaching record that includes instructing a number of diverse courses at Palomar College, including Business Communications, Computer Literacy, Job Search and Electronic Portfolios. Jackie Martin also teaches classes that focus on gaining high proficiency in Desktop Applications that are in demand. Her courses are hands-on and she integrates real-world applications into her teaching. She has been termed an "educational entrepreneur," blending academic and vocational classes, consistently striving to treat "computer literacy" as a basic skill, and integrating it into mainstream curriculum and assessments.

Jackie Martin earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communication and her Master’s degree in Spanish from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, OH. Jackie Martin’s educational background has provided her with broad communication skills that help her connect with and teach her students as she creates unique classes that blend the interaction of language with technology.

Jackie has published two textbooks for Kendall Hunt Publishing recently: Business Communication on the Edge of Technology, and The Last Little Job Finding Manual You'll Ever Need, and she continues to coach hundreds of students and individuals in Career Search each year.


  • Educational Program Development and Management
  • Curriculum Design and Review
  • Student Learning Outcomes/Assessment
  • Campus Committee Leadership
  • Original &Published Writing in Business Communication
  • Microsoft Office Specialist
  • Quick Books Course Design and Teaching
  • Industry Advisory Committee Leader
  • Industry Outreach
  • Job Placement
  • Electronic Resume and Portfolio Creation, Teaching and Writing
  • Digital Information Literacy Design and Assessment Initiatives Leadership
  • Student Adviser/Mentor

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ISBN 9781524955137

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