Leadership Cases in Community Nonprofit Organizations

Author(s): Norman Dolch, Stephanie Krick, Regan Harwell Schaffer, Ronald Wade, Ann Marie Kinnell, Sue Ann Strom, Julianne Gassman, Susan Cruise, HUNTER GOODMAN

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2021

Pages: 82

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Leadership Cases in Community Non-Profit Organizations is the result of six years of data collection. Included are six case studies used to help students understand the more academic information presented in textbooks and articles.

Leadership Cases in Community Non-Profit Organizations features the opportunity for students to:

  • apply the academic information they have learned
  • analyze and critique the decisions made
  • offer alternatives that might have been considered
  • think about next steps the organization could take to deal with problems or to capitalize on or create opportunities
  •  find their own insights and ask their own questions


Chapter 1: An Overview of the Economic Downturn and COVID-19
Chapter 2: Case Study: Literacy Plus
Chapter 3: Case Study: Out of Homelessness, Inc.
Chapter 4: Case Study: ESF, Inc.
Chapter 5: Case Study: Stop Growling Stomachs
Chapter 6: Case Study: Gulf Coast Shelter
Chapter 7: Case Study: The Community Center
Chapter 8: The Cases: Summarizing the Themes
Appendix: Suggested Resources for Further Reading

Norman Dolch

Norman A. Dolch is a Professor Emeritus at Louisiana State University (LSU) in Louisiana State University in Shreveport (LSUS). He currently teaches online courses as an adjunct for both LSUS and the University of North Texas. In addition, Dolch serves as Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership. His research interests are healthcare, nonprofit organizations, and sociological theory. Dolch held the George Kourey Professorship and directed the Institute for Nonprofit Administration and Leadership prior to his retirement from LSUS in 2007 to move closer to his son’ family and the grandchildren.

Stephanie Krick

Regan Harwell Schaffer

Ronald Wade

Ann Marie Kinnell

Sue Ann Strom

Julianne Gassman

Susan Cruise

Susan Cruise, PhD is Assistant Professor of Sociology at University of South Carolina Lancaster. She is also the Coeditor of the Journal of Ideology. Her research focuses on education, and the intersection of inequality with education. She has also published in the areas of nonprofit and voluntary organizations. She teaches courses in race, class, gender and sexuality, families, individual and society, social problems, sociology of education, and introductory sociology. She has taken students abroad to London, Paris, and Amsterdam in 2017 and is taking a group to Ireland and Northern Ireland in Summer 2019.


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