Lean Operations Management: Lecture Notes, Concepts, and Exercises

Author(s): Thomas C. Martin, Daniel L. Tracy

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2019

Pages: 196


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Operations management and related decision science fields (lean management, business analytics, project management, and supply chain management) have a critical role in today’s competitive business marketplace.

Lean Operations Management is centered on lean management and thinking and based on course design research and the concept of active learning. Discussions, activities, problems, and assessments are built into this textbook for use directly in class to immediately foster practice, encourage reinforcement, actively engage students in work and discussions, and immediately impact learning.

Lean Operations Management features:

  • a lean management theme throughout.
  • a superior pedagogical approach that enhances learning.
  • ideal value propositions for students focused on learning.
  • comprehensive instructor resources.
  • related electronic files for activities and problems, homework solutions, and an electronic version of the author’s text bank.

Chapter 1—Introduction to Operations Management
Chapter 2—Operations Strategy and Competitiveness
Chapter 3—Forecasting
Chapter 4—Product Design and Process Selection
Chapter 5—Lean Operations Management and Lean Systems
Chapter 5A – 5S Visual Management
Chapter 5B – Lean Systems Analysis Exercise
Chapter 6—Supply Chain Management
Chapter 7—Total Quality Management
Chapter 8—Statistical Process Control
Chapter 9—Capacity Planning and Facility Location
Chapter 10—Linear Programming/Transportation Model
Chapter 11—Facility Layout
Chapter 12—Waiting Line Systems
Chapter 13—Evaluating Push Versus Pull Systems
Chapter 14—Work Design
Chapter 15—Inventory Management Experiential Exercise
Chapter 16—Inventory Theory
Chapter 17—Scheduling
Chapter 18—Project Management

Thomas C. Martin

Mr. Martin is an Instructor of Production/Operations Management and Supply Chain Management at the University of South Dakota. He holds a BS in History from South Dakota State University and an MS in Logistics Management from the Florida Institute of Technology. Prior to coming to academics, Mr. Martin held management positions in manufacturing and distribution as well as serving for almost 22 years in the United States Army in operations, logistics, and supply chain management.

Mr. Martin’s research interests include operations management and supply chain management. He focuses his research efforts on business applications in these areas. Mr. Martin has been teaching at the collegiate level for 9 years, having served as the Department Chair of Military Science prior to his current appointment in the Beacom School of Business. His wealth of experience allows him to provide students with a broad range of business examples in his courses in production/operations management, supply chain management, and project management.

Daniel L. Tracy

Dr. Tracy is a Professor of Decision Science at the University of South Dakota. He holds a BS in Health Services Administration and an MBA from the University of South Dakota, and a PhD in Decision Sciences from Washington State University. Prior to his academic career Professor Tracy spent much of his career in operations management positions in restaurant, retail, and construction. He has also provided consulting services to lean manufacturing and service firms.

Dr. Tracy’s research interests include data envelopment analysis, production planning, lean management, and pedagogical design/development, and he is considered an authority in these subjects. He has published numerous research articles and has consistently won academic awards for his research. His research is highly application oriented, and consequently is used in enhancing his courses and consulting endeavors.

Dr. Tracy has been teaching at the collegiate level for the past 26 years. His teaching experience includes courses in operations management, quantitative analysis, lean management, and business statistics at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. His varied private sector experience allows him to offer examples from a broad range of industries in applying theoretical concepts and theories to the business world. He has won numerous teaching awards, but his continued professional contact with former students is more indicative of the impact of his teaching efforts.

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