Learning About Dance: Dance as an Art Form and Entertainment

Author(s): Nora Ambrosio

Edition: 8

Copyright: 2018

Pages: 260


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Learning about Dance: Dance as an Art Form and Entertainment introduces students to the exciting, daring, ever-changing, and dynamic world of dance.

Learning about Dance invites readers to experience the artistry and excitement of the dance world. The publication presents all aspects of dance as an art form, including chapters on: the choreographer; the dancer; the audience; different dance genres, including ballet, modern and contemporary dance and dance/theatre, jazz, musical theatre dance, tap, world dance, social dance, improvisation, creative movement; dance in education, and careers in dance.

Available in print and eBook formats, Learning about Dance: Dance as an Art Form and Entertainment:

  • Features an expanded section on dance and technology and information on dance DVD and digital video distributors.
  • Incorporates dramatic photos and helpful charts that illustrate text information, including photos of some of the world’s leading dance artists.
  • Presents an expanded chapter on Modern and Contemporary Dance.
  • Promotes hands-on, experiential learning through the use of integrated creative projects. Discussion question are also provided that require the student to synthesize information and use critical and creative thinking skills.

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Features of this Book
About the Author

Part 1 The Art of Dance
Chapter 1 Dance as an Art Form
Dance and Society
Upper Paleolithic (30,000–10,000 B.C.E.) — Neolithic (7000–3000 B.C.E.) Periods
The Ancient Period: About 3000 B.C.E. to 400 C.E.
The Medieval Period: About 400 C.E. to 1400 C.E.
The Renaissance Period: About 1400 C.E. to 1700 C.E.
The Contemporary Period: 1700 to the Present
Art and the Aesthetic Experience
Table 1.1. Dance through the Ages
Discussion Questions

Part 2 The Participants
Chapter 2 The Choreographer
The Choreographer as Artist
The Creative Process
Choreographic Elements of Dance
Discussion Questions

Chapter 3 The Dancer
The Dancer as Artist
The Dancer’s Training
Discussion Questions

Chapter 4 The Audience
The Audience as Participant
Understanding Dance
Discussion Questions

Part 3 Dance Genres
Chapter 5 Ballet
Early Ballet
Classical Ballet
Contemporary Ballet
Table 5.1. The Similarities and Differences between Classical and Contemporary Ballet
Table 5.2. Outline of Ballet Events
Discussion Questions
Major Figures in Ballet
The Beginnings: Sixteenth through the Eighteenth Century
The Romantics of the Nineteenth Century
The Russian Influence (1910–1930s)
Beyond the Russian Borders: Britain, France and the United States (1930s–1940s)
Into the Present

Chapter 6 Modern and Contemporary Dance
Modern Dance: The Beginning
Post-Modern Dance
Modern and Contemporary Dance: Today
Table 6.1. Similarities and Differences between Traditional Modern Dance and Post-Modern Dance
Table 6.2. Outline of Modern Dance Events
Discussion Questions
Major Figures in Modern, Post-Modern and Contemporary Dance
The Forerunners
The Pioneers
The Second Generation
The Post-Moderners
The Post-Moderners: Second Generation
The Next Wave

Chapter 7 Improvisation and Creative Movement
Creative Movement
Discussion Questions

Chapter 8 Dance in World Cultures
Defining World Concert/Ritual Dance and Folk Dance
World Concert and Ritual Dance
Contemporary Influences on World Dance
Folk Dance
Table 8.1. The Characteristics of World Concert/Ritual Dance and Folk Dance
Discussion Questions

Chapter 9 Jazz Dance, Musical Theatre, and Tap Dance
Jazz Dance
Musical Theatre
Tap Dance
Table 9.1. Characteristics of Jazz Dance, Musical Theatre, and Tap Dance
Table 9.2. Outline of Jazz Dance, Musical Theatre, and Tap Dance Events
Discussion Questions
Major Figures in Jazz Dance, Musical Theatre, and Tap Dance
Leading to the Minstrels and Beyond
The Vaudeville Era
Broadway and the Movie Musical
The Masters of Yesterday and Today

Chapter 10 Social Dance
Ballroom and Popular Dance
Table 10.1. Outline of Social Dance Events
Discussion Questions

Part 4 Related Topics
Chapter 11 Dance Production: Behind the Scenes of a Dance Concert
The Artistic Director
Steps in the Production Process
People Behind the Production: The Support Staff
The Artistic Collaborators
The Lighting Designer
The Costume Designer
The Set and Scenic Designer
Composers and Musicians
Other Collaborations
Discussion Questions

Chapter 12 Dance in Education and Careers in Dance
Dance in Education
Careers in Dance
The Final Word
Discussion Question

Part 5 Additional Resources
Suggested Readings
Ballet: History and Criticism
Ballroom and Social Dance
Biographies and Autobiographies
Dance Education/Dance Pedagogy
Dance in World Cultures
Jazz Dance, Musical Theatre and Tap Dance
Modern and Contemporary Dance: History and Criticism
Philosophy and Aesthetics
Related Topics

Magazines, Periodicals and Newspapers
Dance Video and DVD Distributors
Dance on the Internet
Suggested Videos and DVDs


Composers and Compositions

Nora Ambrosio

Nora Ambrosio, Professor and Chairperson of The Dance Department at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, received her M.F.A. in Dance from Smith College in Massachusetts. At Slippery Rock University since 1988, Ms. Ambrosio has been instrumental in developing their highly acclaimed dance program. In addition to serving as chairperson, Ms. Ambrosio teaches Dance History, Dance Composition, Teaching of Dance and Senior Synthesis. She has also served as the Artistic Director of Slippery Rock University Dance Theatre. In 1989, she developed Learning about Dance: Dance as an Art Form and Entertainment for Slippery Rock University’s Liberal Studies program. Other publications include The Excellent Instructor and the Teaching of Dance Technique, published by Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company., 2008.

Lindsay Guarino's Review in Journal of Dance Education - August 27, 2019

Learning about Dance: Dance as an Art Form and Entertainment is a wonderful text for my dance appreciation students. It is clear, concise and includes a breadth of knowledge accessible to students who have no previous experience to the dance art form.
Meredith Lyons, Assistant Professor of Dance, Colorado Mesa University

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