Learning to Teach

Author(s): Billie J Enz, Michael Wolfe, Bette Bergeron

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2007

Pages: 364

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Give your students a real look at the teaching profession!

Learning to Teach covers the many facets of teaching by offering a descriptive glimse of this career, both in and out of the classroom. This text is intended for one-semester courses that are exploring teaching as a career, or as part of introductory coursework in a teacher preparation program.

Six easy-to-read sections introduce concepts including:

  • Teaching as a Multifaceted Career
  • Teacher as a Scientist and Scholar
  • Teacher as Craftsman
  • Teacher as Politician
  • Teacher as Advocate
  • Teacher as Artist

Each section is designed to promote discussion, and encourage self-exploration by actively engaging the reader. For a complete description, clink on the links above for Table of Contents and Features and Benefits

    Features Include:

    • Helpful tools such as definition boxes, charts and figures, and "think about it" questions to facilitate dialogue and interaction
    • Coverage of "hot-button" issues such as accountability, standardized testing, and school funding
    • Exploration of the history and society on teaching and how it influences the classroom today

    Teaching as a Multifaceted Career

    CHAPTER ONE: The Role of Teaching within the Classroom
    The Multifaceted Dimensions of Teaching: Looking Inside the Classroom
    Defining the Roles of a Classroom Teacher
    Teaching at the Turn of the Century
    Influential Educators
    History's Influence on the Role of Teaching
    The Colonial Period (1600-1776)
    The Early National Period (1776-1840)
    Common School Period (1840-1880)
    Progressive Period (1880-1920)
    Modern Period (1920-present)
    The Clash of Two Worlds: Education and Native Americans
    Societal Changes and the Role of Teaching
    Preparation of Teachers
    Role of Religion
    Economic Focus
    Student Diversity
    Looking Forward

    CHAPTER TWO: The Role of Teaching in the Educational Community
    Effective Teachers Today
    Instructional Delivery
    Parents and Schools
    What Makes Schools Effective?
    What about Schools at Risk?
    Keys to Effective Schools: School Personnel
    Team or Department Chair
    School Principals
    District Superintendent
    The School Board
    Looking Forward

    Teacher as Scientist and Scholar

    CHAPTER THREE: Understanding Learning Theories
    Behaviorist Learning Theories
    Behaviorism in the Classroom
    Cognitive Learning Theories
    Cognitivism in the Classroom
    Contructivist Learning Theories
    Constructivism in the Classroom
    Biological Foundations for Learning
    Applying Learning Theories to Classroom Practice
    Looking Forward

    CHAPTER FOUR: Understanding Educational Philosophy and Your Professional Beliefs
    Classical Philosophies
    Philosophies in the Classroom
    Teaching Styles in Practice
    Defining Your Own Unique Philosophical Statement
    Exploring Careers in Education
    What Is Early Childhood Education?
    What Is Elementary Education?
    What Is Middle School Education?
    What Is Secondary Education?
    What Is Special Education?
    Looking Forward

    Teacher as Craftsman

    CHAPTER FIVE: What Makes a Teacher Effective?
    Characteristics of Effective Teachers
    What Is a New Teacher Expected to Do?
    Skills of Effective Teachers
    Overall Tone--Building Classroom Community
    Thoughtful, Clear Lessons--Planning for Student Success
    Direct Instruction Lesson Plan
    Five E's Lesson Format
    Looking Forward

    CHAPTER SIX: Examining Effective Teaching
    Beginning the Day with Proactive Management
    First Example: Ms.Jordan
    Contrasting Practice: Ms. Terry
    Taking a Closer Look
    Planning a Good Beginning
    First Example: Ms. Wiley
    Contrasting Practice: Mr. Boyd
    Taking a Closer Look
    Miniature Closures
    First Example: Ms. Marks
    Contrasting Practice: Ms. Cayman
    Taking a Closer Look
    Putting It All Together
    Looking Forward

    Teacher as Politician

    CHAPTER SEVEN: Politics in the School
    Politics in Your Community
    Accountability and Academic Standards
    Standards in Action
    Politics and State Standards--The NCLB Issue
    Standardized Testing
    High-Stakes Testing
    Teaching to the Test
    School Funding
    The Down Side of School Funding
    Funding and Teacher Quality
    What Can Be Done?
    School Branding
    Looking Forward

    CHAPTER EIGHT: Politics in Your Community
    Racial Equity
    Racism in Our Schools
    Confronting Racism
    Gender Equity
    Title IX
    Where Are We Today?
    Homonegativity in Public Schools: The Silent Discrimination
    Religion in Schools
    Religion and School Standards
    Acceptable Practices

    Billie J Enz

    Billie J. Enz (Ph.D. Elementary Education) is the Associate Dean of the School of Educational Innovation and Teacher Preparation at Arizona State University's Polytechnic Campus. Dr. Enz has authored several books on new teacher development and mentor training, including: The Student Teaching Experience: A Developmental Approach, Coaching the Student Teacher: A Developmental Approach, Blue Print for Teaching and Life Cycle of the Career Teacher. Dr. Enz is a member of the Early Childhood faculty, and teaches language and literacy courses. She has numerous articles and texts in this area, including Teaching Language and Literacy: From Preschool to the Elementary Grades and Helping Young Children Learn Language and Literacy: From Birth through Preschool.

    Michael Wolfe

    Dr. Michael P. Wolfe is Executive Director of Kappa Delta Pi, the 60,000+ member International Honor Society in Education. He is the fourth Executive Director of KDP and has served in that capacity since 1990.

    Dr. Wolfe has been a public school teacher and program coordinator and has served as a professor of teacher education and administrator at Central Michigan University, Texas Christian University, and SUNY-Plattsburgh. He received a B.A. at Beloit College, an M.S. at the University of Wisconsin, and an Ed.D. at Arizona State University.

    He has co-authored a book entitled Critical Incidents in School Administration, and he has co-authored book chapters entitled The Future of Teacher Education and Models of Mentoring Practices in Teacher Education. He is co-editor of the Life Cycle of the Career Teacher, The Life Cycle of the Career Teacher in Practice, The Mission of the Scholar, and The Life Cycle of the Career Teacher in Practice books.


    Bette Bergeron

    Bette S. Bergeron (Ph.D. Language & Literacy) is currently the Associate Dean and Director of the School of Educational Innovation and Teacher Preparation at Arizona State University's Polytechnic campus.  Dr. Bergeron's research interests include early literacy instruction, teacher preparation, and program assessment.  Her research is applied in its focus, and seeks to address solutions to current issues in PreK-12 education.

    Prior to joining the ASU faculty, Dr. Bergeron was a Professor of Education and Chair of Teacher Education at Purdue University Calumet in Hammond, In.  Dr. Bergeron earned her Master's and Doctorate degrees at Purdue University, and completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Maine. Dr. Bergeron entered the education profession as a second grade teacher in Veazie, Maine.

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    ISBN 9780757532283

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