Legal Strategies to Defend Biblical Truth

Author(s): J. Steven Rawlings

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2017

Pages: 238


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Many of the laws now on our books can be traced back to biblical precepts.

Legal Strategies to Defend Biblical Truth is a lawyer’s guide to provide practical application of legal strategies and methods employed by successful trial attorneys in defending their clients, maximizing results, and winning cases. It seeks to expand the reader’s confidence and boldness in effectively advocating biblical authority and to assist the reader in countering the strongholds of false ideas, human philosophies, and compromise.

It encourages readers to think independently, analytically, and critically, not just routinely accepting consensus of thought.

Legal Strategies to Defend Biblical Truth:

  • Uses the vocabulary of the law, principles of law, and practice as a correlation and parallel to advocating for biblical truth.
  • Is intended for teen through adult and is especially tailored for those fascinated by the law and legal systems.
  • Is thoroughly scriptural and includes analogy to legal concepts, rules, and principles that govern the practice of law.
  • Includes analogies and parallels, not just from the legal field, but language, culture, politics, government, constitutional principles, and religious liberty issues.



Chapter 1: Representing Our Lord

Chapter 2: The Opening

Chapter 3: Starting with a Firm Foundation

Chapter 4: Putting the Word First

Chapter 5: Rise Up Shepherd and Follow

Chapter 6: Fear God

Chapter 7: The Wisdom of Solomon

Chapter 8: Our King Is Sovereign

Chapter 9: Transformational Leadership

Chapter 10: Recognize Your Opponent’s Battle Strategy

Chapter 11: Can You Kill an Idea Once It Is Planted?

Chapter 12: Be a Watchman on the Wall

Chapter 13: Trier of Fact

Chapter 14: Examine all the Evidence

Chapter 15: Is Your Faith for Real?

Chapter 16: Is Compromise the Goal?

Chapter 17: Upholding Authority

Chapter 18: Worldview of the Day

Chapter 19: Fantasy Fiction

Chapter 20: Be as Shrewd as the “Sons of This World”

Chapter 21: The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth

Chapter 22: Think About It

Chapter 23: Are You a Critical Thinker?

Chapter 24: Critical Thinking on “Science” and Origins

Chapter 25: Is Evolution Real?

Chapter 26: Combating Evolutionary Assumptions

Chapter 27: Time, Space, and Matter

Chapter 28: State of Crisis

Chapter 29: Changing the Language

Chapter 30: There Is Freedom; We Are Forgiven

Chapter 31: Social Media; A Tangled Web

Chapter 32: Where Are You Pitching Your Tent?

Chapter 33: Equip and Disciple— a Vision for World Evangelism

Chapter 34: Apologetics a Family Matter

Chapter 35: The Ultimate in Pro Bono

Chapter 36: In the End, the Judge Rules

Chapter 37: The Closing

Chapter 38: And the Verdict Is


J. Steven Rawlings

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