Life Lessons 101: Navigating The Unwritten Course of College

Author(s): Stella Erbes

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2017

Pages: 116


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Beyond the academic knowledge that will develop college students’ interests and intellectual curiosity, LIFE LESSONS 101: Navigating the Unwritten Course of College offers implicit and explicit life lessons that will ultimately shape them. The life lessons outlined in this text are designed to prepare college students with the necessary skills to thrive, while navigating their college years and when working in professional environments afterwards. Undergraduates will be presented with a variety of practical strategies and tools to help them navigate and reflect deeply on the life lessons learned in college.

LIFE LESSONS 101: Navigating the Unwritten Course of College includes documented skills and lessons that have been valuable to college students, such as:

  • Understanding and respecting human diversity
  • Time management and how to successfully and purposefully manage their time
  • Practicing healthy habits to preserve mental health
  • Designing presentations with a purpose
  • Navigating life lessons while simultaneously being a successful student
  • Using technology responsibly in a millennial world
  • Managing new responsibilities independently and identifying methods to thrive in the tight quarters of a residential learning community



CHAPTER 1: Major, Career, and Vocation

“What Is Your Major?” and Other Life-Determining Questions


CHAPTER 2: People

Understanding and Respecting Human Diversity


CHAPTER 3: Communication

Written and Oral Expressions as a College Student


CHAPTER 4: Time Management

How to Manage Time Efficiently in College


CHAPTER 5: Wellness

Practicing Healthy Habits to Preserve Mental Health


CHAPTER 6: Public Speaking

#whatisthepoint: Designing Presentations with a Purpose


CHAPTER 7: Technology

Managing Technology Responsibly in a Millennial World



Networking – Sowing the Seeds for Life After College



Stella Erbes

Stella Erbes, Associate Professor of Teacher Education at Pepperdine University, earned her Ph.D. in educational psychology and Masters degrees in education and Spanish from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Her 26 years of teaching experiences span the elementary, secondary, and university levels as well as the public, private, and homeschooling sectors. Currently, she teaches Instructional Design, Advanced Teaching Methods, Educational Technology, and a first-year seminar entitled "Discovering the Secret to Inspirational Teaching." Dr. Erbes’ research interests and numerous journal publications focus on educational technology, teaching methodologies, and undergraduate research. Her first book, What Teachers Should Know But Textbooks Don't Show (2007), offered new and veteran teachers practical knowledge gained from her wide array of teaching experiences. Through this text, Dr. Erbes hopes to offer college students valuable resources to help them transition successfully into adulthood and thrive during and beyond their college years.

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ISBN 9781524953829

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