Life Management

Author(s): Lisa Amos

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2018

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Life Management is a guide to lifelong success in multiple facets of life. This course equips students with the principles and self-assessment skills necessary to evaluate their goals and take action to achieve them. With chapters such as Values and Self-Belief, Goal Setting, Education and Career Planning, Health and Wellness, and others, this course provides students with a comprehensive approach to making productive life decisions.

Chapter 1 Values and Self-Belief
Chapter 2 Goal Setting
Chapter 3 Time Management
Chapter 4 Managing Change and Stress
Chapter 5 Thinking Skills
Chapter 6 Learning Processes and Study Strategies
Chapter 7 Education and Career Planning
Chapter 8 Financial Literacy
Chapter 9 Health and Wellness
Chapter 10 Interacting with Others


Lisa Amos

Related ISBN's: 9781524967833




ISBN 9781524967833

Details KHPContent 180 days