Life/Death: Dipping Our Toes in the Water

Author(s): Regina Easley Young, Bonnie Luft

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2019

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Life /Death…dipping our toes in the water…, 2nd edition, authored by Bonnie Luft and Regina Easley-Young, is written in a practical and useful format with the hopes that it will provide beneficial and insightful information about the one universal experience that we all will share…death.  This book is not intended to be merely a textbook that contains facts to memorize.  Rather, it is aimed at assisting the learner with the adventure of exploring not only this engaging field of study, but also the adventure of exploring his or her own life.  As such, it is to be a springboard for discussion and reflection, both for groups and for individuals.  In addition to being used in a variety of educational settings such as colleges and universities, it can also be used in settings like hospitals, hospices, non-profit organizations, and possibly even some secondary schools.

             It goes without saying that the field of death education is far broader than written within these pages.  In making this acknowledgement, however, we have selected themes and provided resources that we trust will enhance knowledge, arouse curiosity, and supply useful tools that can be used throughout one’s life.  Our hope is for the reader to gain academic and intellectual learning, as well as to foster a deep and enriched understanding of how life and death reflect one another.  By gradually “dipping our toes in the water,” there is the possibility of creating a more mature and reflective attitude on this sensitive subject.

            Each page is perforated and each chapter is organized to include a read, reflect, react, and recommended terms/important people/website section:   

READ:  This section presents fundamental and professional background information, conversations, helpful techniques, as well as stories on each selected topic, and provides wider margins for taking notes. 

REFLECT:  This section presents insightful questions and thoughtful quotes that encourage one to reflect on their innermost feelings concerning life and death.

REACT:  This section provides hands-on activities that support the reading material.

RECOMMENDED TERMS/IMPORTANT PEOPLE/WEBSITES:  This section presents a quick reference of terms from the READ section, names of well-known individuals in the field, and websites that can be used for gaining additional information.                                                                                                                                                




Chapter I: Awareness of Death

"Dipping our toes in the water"

Chapter II: Living Every Day

"up close and personal"

Chapter III: Fears of Death

"Do we have to talk about THAT? "

Chapter IV: Good Death

"Is there such a thing? "

Chapter V: Hospice

"Comfort on a journey"

Chapter VI: Listening and Good Manners at the End of Life

"The gift of presence"

Chapter VII: Physicians and Medical Choices

"Choices-Choices ... Decisions-Decisions? "

Chapter VIII: Legal Issues in Death

"Are there really documents for dying? "

Chapter IX: Today's Debates

"What are we facing?"

Chapter X: Children and Death

"This Can't Be!”
Chapter XI: Funerals and Body Disposition
"Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust"
Chapter XII: Grief- Bereavement- Mourning
"It's about remembering "
Chapter XIII: Hope on the Journey
"The gift of living life"
Chapter XIV: R.I.P: Research- Investigate - Present
"Yes, you have to get up in front of the class "
Chapter XV: Resources: Films
"Where is the popcorn?"
"Where we found it and who we asked"

Regina Easley Young

Regina Easley-Young is adjunct faculty at Baylor University in the department of Public Health. Additionally, she is part of the Paul L. Foster Success Center where she is the Program Manager for Student Outreach in the Center for Academic Success and Engagement.

Regina is originally from Tennessee but has called Texas home for many years. She lives in Waco, Texas, with her husband. They have two adult children and two grandchildren.

Bonnie Luft

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ISBN 9781792432842

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