The Little Green Guide

Author(s): Maureen ONeil

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2020

Pages: 90


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Nature is children’s greatest classroom.  It fosters their creativity, inquiry, wonder, imagination, and awe!

Sadly, playing outdoors is becoming a lost art! A recent survey found that half of the adults polled had played outside at least seven times a week when growing up, while only 23 percent of their children do that now.

In today’s technology-driven world, it is more important than ever that children move away from the touch screen and instead touch the natural world right outside their homes and schools!

Children love being out in nature and sharing the magic of it with others, while helping to insure that it will be there for the next generation to enjoy.

The Little Green Guide is a valuable story and activities manual that encourages teachers, parents, and family to get outside with their preschoolers (little green guides) to explore nature and have fun!

Not only will spending more time outdoors provide children with life-long benefits, parents and teachers will reap many rewards themselves! Bonds will be strengthened, all will learn more about nature, and be pleasantly surprised how some outdoor time can improve one’s mood (as well as blood pressure)!

The Little Green Guide includes easy-to-understand lesson plans that can be adapted to any preschool setting as most classrooms have children at a number of different developmental stages. In addition, the activities can be used verbatim or may be customized to fit individual needs. Teachers and parents are encouraged to use their imagination as much as the children use theirs!

Maureen ONeil

Maureen O’Neil holds a doctorate in Education and Human Development from Boston University. She is an Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education and a Certified Green Guide. She enjoys exploring nature with her grandson, John Riley.

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ISBN 9781792407604

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