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In the first four chapters, in Part One, there is an overview of basic economic concepts.  In the last chapter of this part, the workings of markets is explained in great detail.  It is essential for everybody who studies economics to understand how the forces of supply and demand interact in markets.

Part Two introduces the three most important variables in macroeconomics: GPD, inflation, and unemployment, which are used in later chapters to construct models to represent different theories about how the economy works.

The several chapters of Part Three explore how the macroeconomy works. Different models of the economy are presented.

Part Four discusses the fiscal and monetary tools of the government that affect output, employment, price level, and interest rates in the economy.

Part One: Getting Acquainted with Economics
Chapter 1 - Economic Models and Math Review
Chapter 2 - The Economic Man and the Economy
Chapter 3 - Scarcity and Opportunity Cost
Chapter 4 - Supply and Demand

Part Two: Introduction to Macroeconomics 
Chapter 5 - GDP
Chapter 6 - Inflation and Unemployment

Part Three: Macroeconomic Models
Chapter 7 - Keynesian Income - Expenditure Model
Chapter 8 - Equilibrium in the Economy
Chapter 9 - The Multiplier
Chapter 10 - Self Correcting Mechanism with AD - AS

Part Four: The Role of the Government
Chapter 11 - Fiscal Policy
Chapter 12 - Money and Banking 
Chapter 13 - Monetary Policy
Chapter 14 - Trade and the Balance of Payments



Julie Holzner

Julie Holzner received her BA and MA in Economics from California State University Long Beach. Before becoming a Professor of Economics at Los Angeles City College she has taught principles and fundamentals of economics courses at various community colleges in California. Her research focus is on interactive strategies to improve undergraduate education in economics. To that end she participated in the Teaching Innovations Program for college and university instructors. The project was co-sponsored by the Committee on Economic Education (CEE) of the American Economic Association (AEA). For her dedication and efforts, she received the “Excellence in Teaching Award” from the Pace Program at Los Angeles Pierce College, as well as the “In Appreciation” award from the Associated Students Organization at Los Angeles City College.

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ISBN 9781792420764

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