Making It Work: Improving the Relationship Between Public Relations Spokespeople and Journalists

Author(s): Joel Jay Campbell, Susan R Walton

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2012

Pages: 154


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In an ideal universe, public relations spokespeople and journalists get along just fine. Journalists want to provide their audiences with fast, accurate information on topics important to those audiences. Spokespeople want to advance the cause of their organization by sharing its stories.

That’s the ideal. In reality, however, achieving such a state of mutual cooperation can be difficult. Mistrust, unprofessional behavior, old grievances, and differing agendas can get in the way.

Making it Work: Improving the Relationship Between Public Relations Spokespeople & Journalists analyzes and improves the symbiotic relationship between journalists and public relations spokespeople. By identifying a shared desire to achieve an important goal, it’s possible for journalists and public relations spokespeople to work together effectively. 

Making it Work: Improving the Relationship Between Public Relations Spokespeople & Journalists

  • Reinforces the shared desire of public relations and journalists: To provide the public with important and meaningful information.
  • Helps build an understanding and awareness between public relations spokespeople and journalists.
  • Develops and strengthens relationships between journalists and public relations spokespeople’s respective organizations and industries. 

Chapter One Your Job, My Job: The Unique Roles of Journalists and Public Relations Practitioners
Chapter Two A Guide for the 24/7 Spokesperson: Rules to Remember When the Microphone Is Always On
Chapter Three The Quotability Quotient
Chapter Four We Want a Pitcher: The Art of Pitching News
Chapter Five The Art of Articulation: Developing Effective Q&As
Chapter Six To Comment or Not to Comment? The Great Debate
Chapter Seven Third Time’s a Charm: Using the Media Interview Message Matrix to Drive Your Message Home
Chapter Eight The Vicious Cycle of Misinformation: Keeping the Lines of Communication Open
Chapter Nine Pre-Publication Review: What PR Practitioners and Journalists Need to Know About Managing Quotes
Chapter Ten Social Media Landmines: Guidelines for Journalists and Public Relations Spokespeople
Chapter Eleven Applying Ethical Standards to the Use of Photos
Chapter Twelve Journalism and Public Relations: Building the Relationship in a Global Context
Chapter Thirteen Case Studies
Appendix A SPJ Code of Ethics
Appendix B Chartered Institute of Public Relations Code of Conduct and Complaints Procedure

Joel Jay Campbell

Susan R Walton

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ISBN 9781465239617

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