Author(s): Jeffrey Anderson

Edition: 6

Copyright: 2021


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Managing and working with people is important across all disciplines.

The NEW edition of Management is accessible to a wide variety of students.  Readers will find the book relevant whether their major is business, communications, engineering, fine arts, or science.

Featuring best practices from the authors 25 plus years of teaching experience, Management provides an up-to-date, practical, interesting, and easy-to-read introduction to management principles.

Management strikes a balance between theory and application.  While the book is centered on classic management research, it also provides current and familiar examples of how management theories work in the real world.

In addition, it is interesting and easy to read.  Management features a clear and concise narrative style that does not overwhelm the reader with irrelevant information.


Chapter 1 Introduction to Management

Chapter 2 The Environments of Management

Chapter 3 The Global Environment of Management

Chapter 4 Planning and Strategy

Chapter 5 Decision Making

Chapter 6 Organizations, Culture, Structure and Design

Chapter 7 Human Resource Management

Chapter 8 Analyzing Individual Behavior

Chapter 9 Motivation

Chapter 10 Effective Groups and Teams

Chapter 11 Leadership

Chapter 12 Information, Communication and Technology

Chapter 13 Controlling



Jeffrey Anderson

Jeffrey Anderson is a Professor of Instruction at Ohio University's College of Business where he has taught management and other business classes since 1988.

Professor Anderson is the founder of the Ohio International Consulting Program where students consult with industry leaders about current business problems. He has led students on consulting projects in Germany, Italy and Hungary through Ohio University's Global Consulting Program.

Professor Anderson is an advocate of the "Flipped Classroom" model of teaching. He has led workshops on flipped teaching at multiple universities in the US and Hungary.  

Related ISBN's: 9781792467103, 9781792483486

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