Management Principles and Practices


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Relying on the author’s experience as a consultant, executive coach, manager, and college professor, Management: Principles and Practices describes the core principles and practices that the best managers use to be both efficient and effective.

Written in a simple, clear, and concise manner, the publication provides a wealth of insight and examples, discussion questions, classroom exercises, and other activities to apply concepts to real-life scenarios. To make the transition to this publication virtually seamless, all adopting instructors receive instructor’s resources.

PART I—The Basics
CHAPTER 1 Management Defined

PART II—The Context
CHAPTER 2 The Context
CHAPTER 3 Mission, Vision, and Values
CHAPTER 4 Business Strategy
CHAPTER 5 Organizational Structure

PART III—The Manager
CHAPTER 6 Core Beliefs and Behavior
CHAPTER 7 Management Styles
CHAPTER 8 Power and Influence
CHAPTER 9 Approaches to Leading Others

PART IV—The Process
CHAPTER 10 Managing the Process
CHAPTER 11 Managing Performance
CHAPTER 12 Creating, Managing, and Leading Teams

PART V—Management Skills
CHAPTER 13 Managing Time
CHAPTER 14 Sending and Receiving Messages
CHAPTER 15 Making Presentations
CHAPTER 16 Writing Messages
CHAPTER 17 Conducting Interviews
CHAPTER 18 Conducting Meetings
CHAPTER 19 Solving Problems
CHAPTER 20 Resolving Conflicts
CHAPTER 21 Motivating Others
CHAPTER 22 Managing Stress
CHAPTER 23 Dealing with Difficult People
CHAPTER 24 Managing Your Career

About the Author


Paul B. Thornton is an author, speaker, trainer, and professor of business administration at Springfield Technical Community College in Springfield, MA. At the undergraduate level, he studied management, psychology, and political science at Ohio University. In addition, he earned an MBA degree from American International College and a Master of Education degree from Suffolk University. He began playing organized hockey when he was twelve. By the time he entered Canton High School as a freshman, Paul had become good enough to make the varsity team. He was always curious to know why some teams in his league consistently excelled (unfortunately, that didn’t include his team) and others floundered. Summoning all of his teenage wisdom, he concluded that the difference was due to coaching. Early on, he began studying what the top coaches did to bring out the best in their teams and in their individual players. This sparked Paul’s lifelong interest in coaching, management, and leadership. While a student at Ohio University, he took a terrific course taught by a terrific teacher: Managing Organizational Behavior by Dr. Paul Hersey. The knowledge and passion he gained from Dr. Hersey’s class further ignited his interest in management and leadership. After graduating, no NHL teams were clamoring for his services. Paul worked a few years in sales, but that wasn’t his passion. At age twenty-seven, he accepted a teaching and coaching position (varsity hockey) at American International College. This experience gave him the opportunity to apply some of the management concepts and leadership theories he had learned in college. After teaching and coaching for five years, Paul accepted a position at the Hamilton Standard division of United Technologies. His initial job involved designing and conducting a variety of supervisory and management training programs. He rotated through several human resource functions, including recruiting, compensation, labor relations, and employee development. Paul was promoted to leadership roles, including human resources manager for approximately 2,000 employees and manager-management training and development for approximately 300 managers and leaders. This position included conducting management assessment centers, designing and delivering management and leadership programs, and coordinating the company’s succession planning and leadership development program. In 1985 and 1996, he was the recipient of a United Technologies Award for Extraordinary Management Effectiveness. After Hamilton Standard, Paul and two friends started a management consulting company called “Be the Leader Associates.” Paul has designed and conducted management and leadership programs for various companies, including Palmer Foundry, UMASS Medical School, Mercy Health Systems, Management Development International, Kuwait Oil Corporation, and United Technologies Corporation. Since 1980, he has trained over 20,000 supervisors and managers to be more effective leaders.

Paul has published articles in The Leader-to-Leader Journal, Engineering Manager, Management Review, Leadership Excellence, Electronic Engineering Times, The Toastmaster, USA Today, and The CEO Refresher. In addition, he is the author of thirteen books, which are available at and See below for the titles of some of his work:

Precise Leaders Get Results has received numerous 5-star reviews on 

Be the Leader, Make the Difference was selected as “one of the best business books of all time” by The CEO Refresher website.

 ▶ Leadership—Best Advice I Ever Got was described by Marshall Goldsmith as containing some of the best coaching on leadership you will ever receive. In addition, it was recommended as one of the “Best Leadership Books Available” on

Paul’s email address is

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