Marketing Research for Managerial Decision Making: Data Analytics Using Microsoft Excel

Author(s): Timothy R Graeff

Edition: 7

Copyright: 2021

Pages: 501

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Marketing Research for Managerial Decision Making: Data Analytics Using Microsoft Excel examines the role of marketing research in helping marketing managers make marketing decisions. In addition to describing important marketing research concepts, terms, techniques, and procedures, this book contains a number of MiniCases and Discussion Questions at the end of each chapter which provide the reader with an increased understanding of, and experience with, various aspects of a research project.  This book also explains and illustrates how to use Microsoft® Excel to perform data analytics; including Pivot Tables, descriptive statistics, cross-tabs and chi-square, correlations, regression, t-tests, and ANOVA.  Included are 34 individual analytics exercises for analyzing marketing research data.  A separate Excel dataset accompanies each of these data analytics exercises.  In addition to these exercises, 10 larger cases from a variety of industries and businesses allow the reader to apply multiple analytical techniques to larger and more complex marketing related situations.  As with the smaller analytical exercises, a separate dataset accompanies each of these cases.

Chapter 1  What is Marketing Research?

Chapter 2  Marketing Research as a Profession

Chapter 3  Marketing Research and the Decision-Making Process

Chapter 4  Social Media and Emerging Technologies: Opportunities and Challenges

Chapter 5  Classes of Marketing Research

Chapter 6  The Marketing Research Process

Chapter 7  Identifying Marketing Problems: Exploratory Research Techniques

Chapter 8  Focus Groups

Chapter 9  Moderating a Focus Group Session

Chapter 10  Survey Data Collection Methodologies

Chapter 11  Sources of Error in Survey Research

Chapter 12  Measurement and Scaling

Chapter 13  Qualities of Good Measurement Scales: Reliability, Sensitivity and Validity

Chapter 14  Scales Used in Marketing Research Surveys

Chapter 15  Identifying Survey Research Objectives

Chapter 16  Writing Survey Questions and Organizing Surveys

Chapter 17  Sampling Procedures

Chapter 18  Casual Research and Experimental Design

Chapter 19  Entering and Preparing Data for Analysis

Chapter 20  Analyzing Quantitative Data

Chapter 21  Data Analytics: Descriptive Statistics, Pivot Tables, and Pivot Charts

Chapter 22  Data Analytics: Contingency Tables and Chi-Square Analysis

Chapter 23  Data Analytics: Correlation and Regression Analysis

Chapter 24  Data Analytics: Differences in Means

Chapter 25  Presenting Research Results to Decision Makers

Case 1 The Red Hills Mall

Case 2 Grandview Public Library

Case 3 OnStage Theater

Case 4 Fenton Springs B-Sharp Jazz Fest

Case 5 Rockville Medical Center

Case 6 Superspeedway Fan Survey

Case 7 Pinellas University Marketing Study

Case 8 State Tax Proposal Survey

Case 9 Thomas Buehl Historic Home and Museum

Case 10 Mutter Bäckerei Baked Goods Taste Test

Timothy R Graeff

Timothy R. Graeff, who received his Ph.D. in marketing from Penn State University, is Professor of Marketing and Director of the Office of Consumer Research at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  He has taught marketing research for 24 years.  He has received numerous awards for outstanding research, public service, and teaching.  He has twice been named the MTSU Jennings A. Jones College of Business Outstanding Faculty Member, and has also received the State Farm Excellence Professorship.  In 2005, he was named the Hormel Master Marketing Teacher of the year by the Marketing Management Association.  Along with his publications in leading marketing journals, he has given many presentations at national and international marketing conferences.  In addition to his writings, he also serves on the editorial review board of Marketing Education Review and Psychology & Marketing.

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