Media Entertainment

Author(s): Allison Eden, Nicholas David Bowman, Matthew Grizzard

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Copyright: 2019

Pages: 260

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Most communication programs have required courses on mass media/communication. These courses usually have a single chapter focused on entertainment media, discussing the entertainment industry, as well as the uses and effects of entertainment content on people’s thoughts, feelings, and actions. Yet in the last 20 years, entertainment media scholarship has grown into a sub-discipline in its own right, integrating numerous theories and perspectives from communication, psychology, sociology, and other fields. Media Entertainment presents a bleeding edge “roadmap” of entertainment media scholarship as a guide to help colleagues develop curriculum of their own, using examples and course materials already in use at our institutions.


Chapter 1 Why Entertainment?

Chapter 2 Early Understandings of Entertainment Selection

Chapter 3 From Escapism to Entertainment 

Chapter 4 Entertainment and Perceptions of Social Reality 

Chapter 5 The Dark Side of Entertainment 

Chapter 6 Entertainment and Emotions 

Chapter 7 Narratives and Characters 

Chapter 8 Understanding Genres 

Chapter 9 Children’s Entertainment 

Chapter 10 News and Politics and Entertainment 

Chapter 11 Social Functions of Entertainment Media 

Chapter 12 Entertainment Markets 

Chapter 13 The Future of Media Entertainment 


Allison Eden

Nicholas David Bowman

(Ph.D., Michigan State University) is an Associate Professor of Journalism and Creative Media Industries at Texas Tech University. His research focuses on the psychological and sociological impacts of communication technologies—specifically digital media—and how these impacts have influenced the human communication process. Nick has authored or co-authored nearly four dozen original empirical studies and a dozen book chapters on the subject, with much of his work focused on video games and social media applications. He currently serves on the editorial board of several research journals, including Media Psychology and New Media & Society, is an editor with Journal of Media Psychology , and contributes regularly as a reviewer for the American Library Association’s CHOICE Magazine. In 2016, he was awarded a WVU Foundation Outstanding Teacher award, and was also named a 2016 Eberly College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Teacher. In 2020, he was named Fulbright Wu Jing-Jyi Arts and Culture Fellow by the Foundation for Scholarly Exchange in Taipei, Taiwan.

Nick is a native of St. Louis, where he split his time between the bohemian bustle of University City and the creeks and hollers of suburban-rural Jefferson County. After graduating from the University of Missouri-St. Louis (B.A., ’03; M.A., ’04) he worked as a newspaper reporter and in government relations before leaving the state to pursue his doctorate. He currently lives in the heart of Morgantown, West Virginia with his partner—in research, in the lab, and in life—Jaime. Both are avid travelers and collectors of history and popular culture artifacts, and when they’re not in the office (physically or digitally), they can usually be found on the road, searching the country (here or abroad) for remnants of entertainment culture past and present to add to their expanding collection of comic books, video games, and movie posters.

Matthew Grizzard

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ISBN 9781524998523

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