Media Relations: Tactical Preparation for LIfe

Author(s): Kelly A. McBride

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2020

Pages: 136


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Many of the text and trade books look at media relations from a journalist’s viewpoint, which is vastly different than what the practitioner should be aware of. Sure, there are deadlines and writing…lots of it, but the methodology in which we approach the communication exchange needs to be different.

Media Relations: Tactical Preparation for Life by Kelly A. McBride:

  • introduces readers to the dynamic and growing world of media relations.
  • highlights the differences and similarities between journalists and practitioners.
  • discusses more than traditional journalists – the publication discusses the overwhelming rise of influencers.
  • includes tips from experienced experts on the field on how to handle scenarios and relations between practitioners and journalists / media.
  • describes how to conduct media interviews, presents theoretical application, and how to apply these concepts to stress fueled crisis communication scenarios.
  • is student friendly!  Discussion questions, end of chapter references, and other learning vignettes encourage retention and comprehension of concepts presented.

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – First the Boring Stuff – Theoretical Applications

Chapter 3 – Basic Tools of the Trade

Chapter 4 – Telephone Interviews – “One Ringy Dingy” (an ode to Lily Tomlin)

Chapter 5 – In Your Face (Face-to-Face Interviews)

Chapter 6 – Social Media Is Still the Media (A.K.A. Citizen Journalists)

Chapter 7 – Fashion First

Chapter 8 - Crisis Media – Pre-Crisis Warning Signals

Chapter 9 - Crisis Media – It’s Happening Now!

Chapter 10 – Crisis Media – It’s Still Happening!

Chapter 11 – It’s Over, But Now What Do We Do?

Chapter 12 – Staging a Press Conference

Case Studies

Kelly A. McBride

Dr. Kelly McBride is an Assistant Professor of Public Relations and Business Communication at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania where she instructs classes in public and media relations as well as business writing. She has over 20 years of experience in the field of communications including Communication Director for a Pennsylvania public school district, VP of Communications for Sovereign Bank, Press Secretary to former Lt. Governor Mark Singel (D-PA), and Director of Communications and Media with the PA Democratic Party where she trained with President Bill Clinton’s Press Secretary, Mike McCurry, and provided communication and media support for the 1996 Presidential election. Prior to joining KU, Dr. McBride taught at York College of PA where she was the co-developer of the college’s Integrated Marketing Communication undergrad and graduate degrees. She has also taught at both La Salle University in Philadelphia, and Virginia Tech. She holds a B.S. from Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania; a master’s degree from Alvernia University in Reading, PA; and a doctoral degree from Immaculata University in Malvern, PA. She has presented at both national and international conferences in the areas of social media, and public and media relations. She also provides professional media relations training to organizations and corporations.

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