Medical Communication in Clinical Contexts

Author(s): Benjamin Bates, Rukhsana Ahmed

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2012

Pages: 266


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Medical Communication in Clinical Contexts is an edited collection designed to show and tell how patient-centered medical communication can be performed in clinical contexts.

Medical Communication in Clinical Contexts contains three primary themes:

  • An integrated view of health communication in applied clinical contexts.
  • An appreciation of medical communication as a multidisciplinary, yet specialized, field of study. 
  • Medical communication as simultaneously social scientific, humanistic, and professional in orientation. 


Medical Communication in Clinical Contexts is divided into four sections aimed at demonstrating the three primary themes. The first and second sections primarily are concerned with using theories and methods to examine acts of communication to understand when medical communication has been patient-centered and when it has needed improvement. The third and fourth sections focus on theoretically and methodologically informed communication interventions that seek to promote patient-centered medical communication.


Medical Communication in Clinical Contexts demonstrates the power of communication to create or interfere with the creation of a patient-centered medical communication environment. The research interventions and applied projects can serve as models for health communication practitioners, medical communication scholars, and clinical practitioners to improve their understanding of theories, methods, and models for promoting patient-centered medical communication.

2013 Distinguished Edited Book Award
Applied Communication Division of NCA

1. Introduction to Medical Communication in Clinical Contexts Benjamin R. Bates and Rukhsana Ahmed
2. Moving Across Disciplines and Genres: Reading Identity in Illness Narratives and Reflective Writing Texts Franziska Gygax, Regula Koenig, and Miriam A. Locher
3. Building a Case for Centered Patient-Physician Communication: Standardizing Genuine Interaction in the Medical Context Jennifer Malkowski
4. Hassan, Ami, and Dalia’s Mom: Narrative Medicine in Pediatrics Eva Berger and Isaac Berger
5. Breaking Bad News in the Provider-Recipient Context: Understanding the Hesitation to Share Bad News from the Sender’s Perspective Jayson L. Dibble
6. Side Effects Talk in General Practice Consultations Kevin Dew, Maria Stubbe, Anthony Dowell, and Lindsay Macdonald
7. Hearing That Doesn’t Help: An Evaluation of Appraisal Support During High-Risk Pregnancies Jennifer Hall
8. Assessing Baseline Cultural Sensitivity Among Employees at a Hospital System: A Mixed-Methods Approach Jay Baglia, Anthony Nerino, Judith N. Sabino, and Jarret R. Patton
9. Physicians’ Views of Interpersonal Communication Training, the Importance of Communication in their Medical Practices, and the Delivery of Bad News Patricia Amason, Cortney Smith, Samantha Romanin, and Melissa Horvath
10. Effective Health Communication in the Management of Chronic Conditions: Theoretical Considerations for a Multicultural Framework Zhenyi Li, Elizabeth Dean, and Jennifer Walinga
11. “Diabetes Conversation”: A Dialogue Among Métis, First Nations Community Members, and Professionals to Understand Type 2 Diabetes Hasu Ghosh
12. Communicating About Childhood Immunization: New Insights from Aotearoa/New Zealand Margie Comrie, Elspeth Tilley, Bronwyn Watson, and Niki Murray

Benjamin Bates

Rukhsana Ahmed

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ISBN 9781465210715

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