A Mexican Revolution Photo History: Pancho Villa, Emiliano Zapata, and U.S. Interests

Author(s): Marco Portales

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2015

Pages: 176


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Marco Portales

Marco Portales served as president of MELUS, The Society for the Study of the Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States between 1992 and 1994. He received “Outstanding Professor” awards from the Center for Teaching Excellence (2002) and from the undergraduate members of the Society for International Studies (2005) at Texas A&M University. Portales is the author of numerous articles and 3 books on U.S. Latinos, the Latino Trilogy:

Quality Education for Latinos & Latinas: Print & Oral Skills for All Students, K-College,” written with Rita Portales, Austin: University of Texas Press, 2005

Latino Sun, Rising: Our Spanish-speaking U.S. World
College Station: Texas A&M University Press, 2005

Crowding Out Latinos: Mexican Americans in the Public Consciousness
Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2000

He attended his hometown Pan American University, received a B.A. in English from The University of Texas at Austin (1970), and a Ph.D. also in English from the State University of New York at Buffalo (1974). He taught at the University of California/Berkeley, the University of Houston/Clear Lake, Purdue University one summer, and, since 1991, he has been teaching at Texas A&M University in College Station.


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ISBN 9781465282897

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