Mid 21st Century Criminal Justice: Transforming Work Culture

Author(s): John Shuford

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2023


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Much has been written about the problems within our criminal justice system, both law enforcement and corrections, but never before has that been presented along with the causes of those problems and specific strategies to correct them. This unique and remarkable book, based on Shuford’s 30 years of experience, is a must read for criminal justice policy makers, leadership, supervisors as well as educators in preparing students for careers in criminal justice. This content packed text will lead the reader from research based consequences of criminal justice employee stress through an analysis of neurological and cultural variables that contribute to that stress to comprehensive yet precisely designed strategies for change and how to apply them. It is a practical guide for criminal justice leadership, training academies; and educators will find it an invaluable supplemental text for advanced policing and corrections courses and criminal justice administration and management courses. It is about time that the criminal justice field had such a resource to carry it into the 21st century.


John Shuford

John A. Shuford is regarded as the national leader of the award-winning Immersion-Experiential© methodology of staff development training utilizing the 4 Es Principle [Engage, Energize, Empower, Enjoy]. He has delivered these proven innovative staff development trainings in the US for over 30 years with notable results in improving work culture, morale, relationships among staff and cooperation between departments. He has had numerous feature articles published by the American Correctional Association, the American Jail Association and the International Association of Correctional Training Personnel. He regularly presents at national and international conferences and has led international conflict resolution delegations to Russia, South Africa and China, meeting with leading government officials, and has provided trainings in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and in West and Southern Africa.

John was trained as a clinical mental health therapist and in advanced leadership. He has held positions as executive director of health care facilities, the National Association of Social Workers (Delaware), LPCANC (the association for clinical mental health counselors in North Carolina), and the Delaware Reentry Consortium. He has also been the Clinical Director of the First State CISM team, President of the Alternatives to Violence Project (USA), Vice-President of the Alternatives to Violence Project (International), and Correctional Training Coordinator 2 with the North Carolina Department of Prisons. He has received awards from the International Association of Correctional Training Personnel (2004 and 2018 Awards of Excellence), American College of Health Care Administrators (Fellow status), International Association of Trauma Professionals (Certified Clinical Trauma Professional), and the Delaware Center for Justice 2011 “Exemplar of Justice Award.” Before all this, he served for over 2½ years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Botswana, Africa.

John is President, Collaborative Resolution Services, Inc., and he contracts with state and local criminal justice agencies providing staff development trainings and can be reached at

"This book should be included in any curriculum in Criminal Justice Studies. It describes dysfunctional culture within the prison system and documents the damage this culture inflicts on the health of prison employees. More importantly, it provides a vision for a more healthy culture of prison administration, and draws on the author's three decades of experience providing workshops in prisons to lay out a path for culture change and transformation of the prison system. It is a valuable resource for those preparing for criminal justice work, for current supervisors and other criminal justice employees, and for policy makers." 
Dr. Vernie Davis
Professor Emeritus of Cultural Anthropology and Peace & Conflict Studies
Former Director Conflict Resolution Resource Center, Guilford College 

"It is excellent, right on target! A practical guide for leadership with some real and true real world examples that can be understood at any level. Changing the work culture is so very important, equally as important as improving pay and benefits that many seem to be continually focused on as the only need... but without the culture improvements agencies will continue to struggle with turnover and the poor health and life expectancy of staff despite pay improvements." 
Tim Moose
Chief Deputy Secretary, NC Department of Public Safety, Adult Correction & Juvenile Justice 

"The psychological and physical health needs of Criminal Justice staff beyond the necessary but not sufficient "going home safe at the end of the shift" is finally receiving the attention it deserves. Agency training catalogues, selection and promotion processes, and employee cultures are under the wellness microscope in many locations. If you work in one of those jurisdictions or would like to pave the way for such an initiative, this text is a must. In this content packed text, the reader will be led from research-based consequences of criminal justice employee stress through an analysis of both the neurological and cultural variables that contribute to that stress to a comprehensive yet precisely designed strategy for change, which John has developed during his 30-year career. You will find powerful descriptions of not just what strategies to use, but how to apply them, and what behavioral and psychological principles they address."
Gregory Morton, M.Sc. 
Administrator of Staff Training and Professional Development (Retd.), Oregon Department of Corrections 

"Mid-21st Century Criminal Justice: Transforming the Work Culture is an essential read for both law enforcement and correctional executives if they want to implement proven strategies to retail talented staff. For educators, it is also a useful supplemental text for an advanced policing or corrections course or a criminal justice administration and management course. Shuford first focuses on why traditional work cultures in policing and corrections are problematic and then provides tangible and actionable solutions to reform work culture to improve morale. A supplemental text that incorporates practical application is a welcome addition for courses that examine management, administration, and leadership in policing and correctional contexts." 
Dr. Heidi S. Bonner, Director
Criminal Justice Department, East Carolina University 

"I spent the past year away from corrections after being in the department for seven years. I hadn’t noticed how withdrawn I’d become from society over the years, how much I’d changed inherently as a human due to the continued chronic stress brought on by the job over the years. This text has helped me better understand the changes that have happened in my mind, how to maintain a more positive outlook overall, and how to look forward without becoming overwhelmed."  
Valerie Kozora 
Former Corrections Officer

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