Mir Russkikh: The World of the Russians

Author(s): American Council of Teachers of Russian (Corlac)

Edition: 1

Copyright: 1997

Pages: 506

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Mir russkikh is an intermediate-to-advanced-level textbook that presents interesting and important aspects of contemporary Russian life using modern literary texts, paintings, newspaper, and journal articles. The 12 lessons illustrated with drawings and color photographs build communicative competence and mastery of Russian grammatical structures while examining the daily life and culture in today's Russia. Students learn about Russian civilization and culture as they improve their language skills.


  • The exercise book contains written and oral activities that enrich the learning experience, activate new vocabulary, and provide practice of new grammatical structure. (purchased separately)
  • The online audio files contain recordings of the main texts and listening comprehension passages of lessons by native speakers. (now available online at; password required)

A workbook is available to accompany this text: Mir russikikh: The World of Russians Exercise Book.


American Council of Teachers of Russian (Corlac)

 "It is in almost every respect a splendid pedagogical achievement...perhaps its greatest virtue is that instructors finally have a real textbook fpr Russian culture courses taught in Russian...also a text for advanced Russian language courses proper."
-- Slavic and East European Journal, Vol. 43, Number 3

" of the best textbooks available for any foreign language on the North American market, and is certainly 'best of class' when compared to competing materials for this level in Russian."
--ACTR letter, Reviewer's Corner, Summer 1999

Related ISBN's: 9780787224714




ISBN 9780787224714

Details Print Product Only (SA,CP, Pak, all Print)