Modern American Military History

Author(s): Robert F Ritchie, Herbert S. Pieper

Edition: 5

Copyright: 2021

Pages: 278


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American Military History explores a new ideological worldview of American military.  Advocates of various social changes desiring acceptance use the military as a vehicle for expression at the beckoning of the president. Without question, the American military has opened doors for those left outside the mainstream of public education. A long tradition of servant-leadership has produced a system demonstrating excellence in education and in many ways continuing the servant leader tradition of leadership by trial.

In telling the story of America’s rise to military greatness, American Military History:

  • Is Engaging! With thought questions at the end of each chapter, students will be encouraged to participate for deeper thought and understanding.
  • Is Visual! With detailed images and timelines throughout, it is clear when, where, and how certain events took place.
  • Is Pragmatic! With call-outs of different, prominent military individuals, students can extend their knowledge of history and those who shaped it.


A Note on Just War Theory

Foundations of American Ways of Fighting

I. The Foundations of an American Way of Fighting:

   Wars of the Colonies

II. The Foundations of an American Way of Fighting:

     Wars of the Early United States

III. The Spanish-American War

IV. World War I

V. Between the Wars

VI. World War II: North Africa to Europe

VII. World War II: The War in the Pacific

VIII. The Korean War

IX. Vietnam

X. Volunteer Forces, New Strategies, and Doctrine

XI. The First Iraq War

XII. 9/11, Enduring Freedom, and the Second Iraq War

XIII. Afghanistan

XIV. The War Continues and Spreads

XV. Cyber Warfare

XVI. Hybrid Warfare and Potential Future Conflicts

        with China and Russia



About the Authors

Robert F Ritchie

Rob Ritchie served in the Active and Reserve Components of the U.S. Marine Corps, enlisted and as an officer, from 1974 until 1998. He served in the Army (VaARNG AGR) as an intelligence analyst and finished military service as a US Air Force Reserve historian, retiring in 2007 after 33 years of total service. Rob currently is an Associate Professor and Director of Military Studies (undergraduate) at Liberty University.

Herbert S. Pieper

Herbert Sterling Pieper, a Tampa, Florida native, now resides in Lynchburg, Virginia. He holds two bachelor’s degrees from the University of South Florida in Political Science and History with a focus on American political and military history. Herbert also holds a master’s degree in History with a historical documentary fi lm making focus from Liberty University and is currently completing his second master’s degree in Intelligence Analysis from American Military University. Herbert is currently a Faculty Support Coordinator and instructor at Liberty University

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