Modern Pharmaceutical Industry

Author(s): Thomas Jacobsen, Albert Wertheimer

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2016

Pages: 328


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Modern Pharmaceutical Industry comprehensively explains the broad range of divisions in the complex pharmaceutical industry. Experts who are active in the field explain their work in a pharmaceutical company. Topics include regulatory affairs, research and development, intellectual property, pricing, marketing, generics, OTC, and more. The range of chapters encompasses a variety of subjects from discovery and formulation to post approval and legal. Modern Pharmaceutical Industry provides a detailed look at the structure of a contemporary drug company and a thorough analysis of its practices and procedures.

Modern Pharmaceutical Industry is a valuable resource for all pharmacy students, new personnel at pharmaceutical companies, drug company management, and academic health center libraries. It provides a comprehensive picture of one of the most dynamic industries related to the modern healthcare system.

Chapter 1 Drug Discovery: New Compounds (Small Molecules vs. Monoclonal Antibody Drugs) by David Zhiyong Gao

Chapter 2 Pharmaceutical Formulation by Steve Lonesky and Harris Levinson

Chapter 3 Analytical Testing and Development by Anthony Ekpe and Mary Jean Sawyer

Chapter 4 Microbiological Analysis by Jane E. Huffman

Chapter 5 Manufacturing by Karen R. Zimm, Andrew E. Cohen, and David B. Lebo

Chapter 6 Ethics in Clinical Research by Michael McGraw

Chapter 7 Clinical Research by Steven P. Gelone

Chapter 8 Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance by Patrick McDonnell

Chapter 9 Medical Information by Tanya C. Knight-Klimas

Chapter 10 Medical Affairs by Thomas M. Jacobsen

Chapter 11 Epidemiology by Phillip Wiegard

Chapter 12 Pharmacoepidemiology by Carol Holtzman

Chapter 13 Health Economics and Outcomes Research by Kelly D. Johnson

Chapter 14 Personalized Medicine by Ming-Yi Huang

Chapter 15 Marketing and Market Research by Jim Wilson and Richard Randall

Chapter 16 Sales by Peter Tobar

Chapter 17 Finance, Operations, and Project Management by Avagail A. Morgan

Chapter 18 Market Access: The New Era by Güvenç Koçkaya

Chapter 19 Lifecycle Management by Ellen Loh

Chapter 20 Legal and Intellectual Property by Michael F. Snyder

Chapter 21 Over-the-Counter Drugs by David Spangler and Alison Manhoff

Chapter 22 The Pharmaceutical Industry in the Future by Thomas M. Jacobsen and Albert I. Wertheimer


Thomas Jacobsen

Dr. Thomas M. Jacobsen has been in the pharmaceutical industry for over 15 years and is currently the Director of Global Scientific Communications at Teva Pharmaceuticals. His areas of expertise are medical information, medical affairs, and medical communications. He lives with his wife, three children, and Labrador retriever in suburban Philadelphia.

Albert Wertheimer

Albert I. Wertheimer, PhD, MBA is a professor at Nova SE University College of Pharmacy in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He is the author or co-author of over 400 journal articles, 35 books and many book chapters. He was a professor at Temple University from 2000 to 2016 and he has worked for a Pharmacy Benefit Management company, for the pharmaceutical manufacturer Merck and Co., Inc., and he was the dean at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. He holds adjunct appointments at universities in Turkey, Malta, China, Slovenia, Taiwan and Mexico. He has lectured or consulted in approximately 70 countries and he has directed about 90 PhD students, and many more Masters degree students. He is the editor of the Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Services Research, and he serves as a peer-reviewer for 16 scholarly and professional journals.

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ISBN 9781465252586

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