Music, Moves, and Mind-Sets: Theorizing Hip Hop History and Pedagogy through Break(danc)ing

Author(s): Jason "J-Sun" Noer

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2017

Pages: 89

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Music, Moves, and Mind-Sets is a unique intersection of Hip Hop dance practice and history, and pedagogy applicable for all levels of education. This book addresses how to engage historically underserved learners with Hip Hop art forms. J-Sun deploys his long-term involvement as a break(danc)er to create ways of teaching that not only use dance and music, but also the mind-sets a breaker develops in the cypher (competitive dance circle). He has also compiled one of the largest archives for Hip Hop artistic expressions and pedagogy in print.



Round 1: Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, Social Death, and Intersectionality
Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
Social Death
Intersectionality and Breaking/Rocking History

Round 2: Hip Hop Pedagogy and Cypherspace
Hip Hop Pedagogy

Round 3: Obstacles in Hip Hop Pedagogy

Final Round: Master’s Thesis Presentation
Master’s Thesis Presentation


Hip Hop Resource Archive: Hip Hop Art Forms, Urban and Street Dance, and Pedagogical Resources


Jason "J-Sun" Noer

J-Sun is long-term practitioner of several urban and street dance forms which he teaches, choreographs, and performs. He believes in being accountable to community, challenging tradition, exploding linear histories, and that artistic collaboration is a key element of social change. He recently received the 2017 Artist Initiative Grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board and co-curates the Mixtape series at the Cowles Center. J-Sun is a PhD. student in the Theater Arts and Dance Department at the University of Minnesota, as well as a disciplinary head of the new Urban and Street Dance track. His current choreographic work focuses on power, identity, and community with a historiographical and intersectional lens.

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ISBN 9781524998028

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