Music Taste or Waste: Critical Listening Skills for Students, Teachers, and Parents

Author(s): Stan L Breckenridge

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2015

Pages: 136


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The catalyst for Music Taste or Waste: Critical Listening Skills for Students, Teachers, and Parents resulted from many discussions with parents, teachers, and students, and others about their paucity of knowledge regarding today’s popular music scene as well as music in general. The spirit of this book does not seek to suggest any music is wasteful, but rather encourages readers to use music terminology as a way to draw conclusions about whatever music they hear. To accomplish this, the book consists of seven chapters that are organized in the following manner: 

  • Chapter One address the meaning of music by speaking about its substance, functionality, and quality or character.
  • Chapters Two – Seven focus on music’s analytical parameters such as melody, harmony, rhythm, dynamics, instrumentation, timbre, texture, form, and performance practices.

Students will find this book useful because. . . 

  • It offers an introduction to music’s principal elements without any music training.
  • It will strengthen his or her ability to apply learned skills to all genres and styles of music.
  • Individuals who delight in staying abreast of current styles and music trends will not be disappointed with this book’s practical approach to learning how to understand and/or appreciate any music.
  • Whether a student of classical, jazz, folk, country, or popular music, it focuses on music elements as analytical parameters for understanding music.

Teachers will find this book useful because. . . 

  • Music is a didactic methodology as well as a pedagogical paradigm for developing discipline through the process of acquiring skills, application of these skills, and performance (i.e., articulation).
  • Whether for mathematics, science, language, reading and writing, the arts, social sciences, and so on, acquiring and using practical listening skills in music can help to strengthen, through its disciplined processes, one’s ability and confidence in achieving many goals.
  • It allows him or her to stay abreast with understanding current music styles and types.
  • It enhances his or her personal knowledge and skill where music is concerned. 

Parents will find this book useful because. . . 

  • It lends a hand at knowing, by analyses, the inner substance, musically and lyrically, in a child’s music choices. 
  • With the continued diminishing of music education in public schools, young students grow up with undeveloped critical listening skills. Therefore, it provides parents with the needed tools to help nurture their children’s development of critical listening skills.
  • It provides a way to listen to their children’s music objectively.
  • It may open a line of communication with their children to explore music’s many appealing and fascinating aspects.

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CHAPTER ONE The Nature of Music
¿Qual Es Musicum? (What Is Music?)
Music in Antiquity 1
Categories of Music—Definitions

CHAPTER TWO Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm

Dynamics: Volume
Dynamics: Tempo
Dynamics: Articulation

CHAPTER FOUR Instrumentation and Timbre
Instrument Classifications 

Closing Remarks

Overall Structure
Verse Form
Specific Harmonic/Chord Progressions
12-Bar Blues Progression
AAB Lyric Song Form
I–vi–ii–V Chord Progression
32-Bar Form (AABA)
Theme and Variations

CHAPTER SEVEN Performance Practices
Performance Practices Related to Melody (Chapter 2)
Performance Practices Related to Harmony (Chapter 2) 
Performance Practices Related to Rhythm (Chapter 2)
Performance Practices Related to Dynamics (Chapter 3)
Performance Practices Related to Instrumentation and Timbre (Chapter 4)
Performance Practices Related to Texture (Chapter 5)
Performance Practices Related to Form (Chapter 6) 

Stan L Breckenridge

Stan Breckenridge – university lecturer, author, composer, recording artist, and performer. He holds a Ph.D. in Musicology from the prestigious Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, California. Dr. Breckenridge is on the faculty in the Department of African American Studies at California State University, Fullerton where he teaches courses that deal with African American music, dance, and theater/film. He is nationally and internationally recognized as a competent lecturer-performer on various aspects of African American music. In 2005, Dr. Breckenridge was selected as a Fulbright Scholar, and his most recent accomplishment is his selection as a Distinguished Chair Fulbright Scholar for the academic year, 2012-2013. He will be teaching at the University of Marie Curie, Sklodowskiej in Lublin, Poland.

Dr. Breckenridge has authored five books, two of which are second editions. His books include Popular Music in America: Forging the American Spirit (2nd edition, published by Kendall Hunt, January 2012), Music Taste or Waste: Critical Listening Skills for Students, Teachers, and Parents (published by Kendall Hunt, December 2011), and African American Music for Everyone (2nd edition, published by Kendall Hunt, 2004) (Note: A 3rd edition is slated for Fall 2013.)

As a composer Dr. Breckenridge’s most recent work includes an original score for a DVD that documents the building of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Washington, DC (produced by Explorer Studios, and The Black Chamber of Orange County, as the executive producer). As a recording artist, he has released a number of CDs of original works. These include “Love Sign” (2010, from the soon to be released album Humanity), Reflections (2009), A Soulful Christmas (2008), This is My Song (2007), Live in Poland (2005), Solo (2003), Meditations (2001), and Expositions (1999).

Stan Breckenridge’s performance career, as a vocalist and pianist, has spanned the globe delighting audiences in cities in France, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, U.K., Poland, and many cities throughout the United States. National performances over the years have included The Dorothy Chandler, The Greek Theater, The Los Angeles Forum, The Los Angeles Sports Arena, The Embassy Hotel, Capitol Records, T.V. Channels 5, 11 and KOCE, and Maverick’s Flats, and many others. He has appeared with and/or performed for personalities such as Scott Baio, Bobby Blue Bland, Bill Cosby, The Five Blind Boys of Alabama, Rosie Grier, Merv Griffin, Mahalia Jackson, Jerry Lewis, Moms Mabley, Greg Morris, Martha Reeves (of the Vandellas), Sam Riddle, Rowan & Martin, David Ruffin (of the Temptations), Avery Schriber, Nancy Sinatra, O. C. Smith, The Stylistics, John Travolta, John Wayne, The Young Hearts, and many others.

Dedicated to student excellence and a commitment to exploring creative ways to facilitate student learning, Dr. Breckenridge produces two benefit concerts each year as a soloist as well as with his 15-piece ensemble, in order to raise money for student scholarships.

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ISBN 9781465281982

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