Music through Time: An Appreciation of Music in Europe and America - Website

Author(s): Christopher P Gordon, John A Stallsmith, Shane Porter

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2012


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Music Through Time: An Appreciation of Music in Europe and America encourages the reader to discover not only information applying to music, but also to rediscover the big ideas that shaped Western Civilization over the centuries. These “big ideas” are represented through music, musicians, composers, instruments, and genres of music.

Music Through Time seamlessly integrates an interactive website with video/audio, online music library, and textbook to meet the evolving needs of the next generation of music appreciation students in the college environment. 

Available in print and electronic formats with an accompanying website, Music Through Time: An Appreciation of Music in Europe and America

  • Encompasses an introductory overview of the major time periods, genres, composers, and historical developments of Western civilization in Europe and America, highlighting the importance and historical significance of musical activity in each time period. 
  • Is balanced, fair, and respectful of the cultures and cultural ideas that shaped art music and folk music that made up the great music literature of the western world. 
  • Includes 120-day subscription to an online music library with access to over 12 million pieces of music.


UNIT 1 Musical Materials
UNIT Introduction
CHAPTER 1 Philosophy and Aesthetics
CHAPTER 2 The Science of Music
CHAPTER 3 Timbre
CHAPTER 5 Listening

UNIT 2 Medieval and Baroque Europe
UNIT Introduction
CHAPTER 6 Medieval Music
CHAPTER 7 Gothic Period (1100–1430)
CHAPTER 8 Renaissance Period (1430–1600)
CHAPTER 9 Baroque Period (1600–1750)
CHAPTER 10 Baroque Genres
CHAPTER 11 Baroque Composers

UNIT 3 Classical and Romantic Europe
UNIT Introduction
CHAPTER 12 Classical Period Times and Events
CHAPTER 13 Classical Genres
CHAPTER 14 Classical Composers
CHAPTER 15 Romantic Life and Times
CHAPTER 16 Romantic Genres
CHAPTER 17 Romantic Composers

UNIT 4 Transitions
UNIT Introduction
CHAPTER 18 A Twentieth Century Overview
CHAPTER 19 European Art and Music in the Twentieth Century
CHAPTER 20 Music Academia in America
CHAPTER 21 “Dixieland”
CHAPTER 22 The Blues
CHAPTER 23 The Big Bands Swing
CHAPTER 24 From Swing to Bop

UNIT 5 Twentieth Century American Music
UNIT Introduction
CHAPTER 25 Country Music
CHAPTER 26 Sam Phillips and Elvis Presley
CHAPTER 27 The Beatles
CHAPTER 28 Motown
CHAPTER 29 The Horn Bands


Christopher P Gordon

John A Stallsmith

Shane Porter

Related ISBN's: 9781465229472, 9781465229496

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ISBN 9781465229472

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