My ASL Book: A Communicative Approach for Learning a Visual Language

Author(s): Donald Bangs

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2022


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My ASL Book: A Communicative Approach for Learning a Visual Language helps students learn how to communicate and interact with Deaf people in a variety of settings and contexts. This text offers hearing students the tools for success in building relationships with Deaf people, developing fluency in ASL, and enhancing awareness and knowledge of Deaf culture.

My ASL Book gives students a better understanding of how to use the different modes of communication — speaking, signing, gesturing, using facial and body language — to become a better overall communicator. American Sign Language is a complex, modern language that is just as challenging to learn as any other language.

My ASL Book uses three elements to teach students how to communicate in American Sign Language:

  • Printed information describing different aspects of ASL and Deaf culture.
  • A website, My ASL Tube, with many videos that demonstrate real-world sign language communication among Deaf and hearing people.
  • Photographs of individual signs and phrases for reference and review.

This enhanced learning package actively involves students to participate in practicing their new language through the interactive website. In addition to video demonstrations, there are classroom activities, presentations in PowerPoint® format, chapter quizzes, exams, and instructor resources

Chapter 1: Getting Ready to Learn ASL
Chapter 2: Becoming Friends with Deaf People
Chapter 3: Deepening Friendships with Deaf People
Chapter 4: A Visit to the Deaf World
Chapter 5: At Work and Play in the Deaf World
Chapter 6: Celebrating the Diversity of the Deaf World

Donald Bangs

Don Bangs first began teaching ASL in 1964 when, as a sophomore at Gallaudet College (now university), he was drafted to teach a summer school ASL class. Since then, he has taught ASL, Deaf culture, sign language translation, and a variety of other Deaf-related courses in colleges, universities and theaters across the country. One of his goals in life is to make the world a more Deaffriendly place. He is most grateful to all his students who showed him what worked and didn’t work in an evolving approach for helping hearing people become life-long communicators in ASL. A proud 1966 Gallaudet graduate, he holds several advanced degrees, all with a Deaf focus: University of Tennessee (MS, Deaf Education), University of Texas (MA, Radio-TV-Film), and University of California at Berkeley (Ph.D., Dramatic Art). He also holds a Professional Certificate for Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language from UC, Berkeley. He has developed eighteen professionally produced plays and television programs in ASL and voice dealing with Deaf cultural issues and has translated over forty theater works and television programs from English to ASL and vice versa. He also served as a trainer, consultant, and developer for ASL and interpreter education programs in Canada, Malaysia, and Thailand.

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